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Q: I’ve been speaking at length to an estate agent in Kalkan and thinking of moving to Turkey. I wondered how much of a community there is there for ‘outsiders’


A: The former fishing village of Kalkan, with its atmospheric cobbled streets and pretty flower covered houses, is one of the resort areas in Turkey which boasts a high ex-pat population.

The rise has been attributed to the natural beauty of the town, its accessibility and it’s already high level of ex-pats living there, having already snapped up property for sale in Turkey. Many of the local Turkish people living in the town also speak English which makes day-to-day living easier for foreigners. However, it’s also possible to take Turkish language classes in the town.

Kalkan has a village atmosphere and an already recognisable sense of community which makes it feel a ‘safe’ place to live or holiday in. Despite its rustic nature, the town also has a sophisticated atmosphere and certainly isn’t overrun by tourists and commercial holiday outlets. Winters in Turkey are mild and summer (in terms of sunshine) tends to kick in around March.

Foreigners can enjoy fresh produce at local markets and those interested in history have numerous archaeological sites to explore – in addition to an unspoiled countryside in general. Within the town itself its restaurants in particular are excellent.

Ex-pats will be pleased to hear that healthcare in Kalkan is also of a high standard.

Population statistics for Turkey and Kalkan

According to the Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS), which is operated by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs (GDPCA), the population for Turkey as a whole at the end of December was 2011 (an increase of 1.4 per cent on the previous year). Most of the islanders live in Istanbul (13.6 million individuals) but for Kalkan itself the figure was 3,247 (an increase of 2.33 per cent on the previous year). Records also show the population with property in Turkey is expected to rise and in Kalkan it’s expected to increase to 14,400 by the year 2025.

More than 800 houses in Kalkan are owned by foreigners. Of that figure around 90 percent are English. The next most popular nationalities are Belgian and Dutch. Some English residents living in Kalkan are married to Turkish nationals, others work as tourist guides or estate agents in Kalkan. Many are retired and simply enjoy a simpler way of life.

Ex-pat community websites in Kalkan

Perhaps the most popular of all ex-pat websites in Kalkan is Kalkan Turkish Local News (KTLN) – a site run by British nationals and set up back in 2009. This is a busy and active portal which encourages other ex-pats to send in news and feature items for uploading.

The site also publishes useful information useful to foreigners and ex-pats such as an update on flight costs and news about the latest exhibitions and concerts in the area.

Turkey Expat Forum is another means of meeting like-minded individuals in the country and is run by three ex-pats. It also provides helpful information about settling down into a Turkish way of life.

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