11 Reasons NOT to buy a property in Fethiye.

Fethiye via Henri Bergius at Flickr

We know many of those seeking a property for sale in Turkey have doubts. Perhaps this will help put them to rest…

1. Who would ever want to live close to this? 

property for sale in Turkey
Fethiye is home to the Oludeniz Lagoon, the most photographed beach in Turkey, and one of the most beautiful in the world. Although you can’t buy residential property in the bay itself, Oceanwide Properties have many villas and apartments for sale in nearby Hisaronu and Ovacik, just a short bus hop away. Prices start at as little as £39,950. CLICK TO SEE PORTFOLIO

2. We’re far better off saving for a rainy day with our surprising interest rates at home. Spending as little as £39,950 on a villa here, with the prospect of premium rental returns, simply doesn’t make sense.

property for sale in Turkey
Spacious one bed villa on popular complex with shared pool and amenities. Great buy to let returns achievable. Close to Hisaronu resort and Oludeniz lagoon. A bargain at just £39,950  CLICK FOR DETAILS. Oh and FYI, the interest rates in banks here in TL are around 9%!

3. Give me a bowl of cornflakes staring out the window at the rain… I mean, who would really enjoy a Turkish breakfast on this pool side terrace?

property for sale in Turkey
Beautiful pool side dining terrace on private 3 bed villa in Ovacik near Oludeniz. Villa comes fully furnished with proven rental history earning over £12,000 per 6 month tourist season. £205,000. CLICK FOR DETAILS

4. And as for views, blah… who needs em’! Couldn’t afford them anyway…

properties for sale in Turkey
Refurbished sea view apartment in Kalkan. Popular complex with many facilities. Fully furnished and reduced to £42,000 for quick sale. Ideal for rental investment or as a holiday home. CLICK FOR  DETAILS.

5. Turkish estate agents are always trying to push the lifestyle. Really… we can enjoy pub grub in a beer garden at home when the weather’s up to it. Why would anyone enjoy this?

A sunset meal at Matisse on the new promenade in Fethiye.
A sunset meal at Matisse Restaurant on the new promenade in Fethiye. Fethiye enjoys over 300 sunny days per year. You can enjoy a sunset meal or drink most nights if you fancy…even in January! To view properties in Fethiye, please CLICK FOR INFO.

6.Turkish property value for money? Ha! Don’t believe it. Buying pound for pound equates to the same no-matter what the exchange rate is! Can get more for my money right here.

Investment property in Ovacik Front
Partly true. If you buy a Turkish property advertised in pounds, with pounds, there’s little difference. But with an exchange rate well over 4TL to the Turkish Lira, just imagine how cheap your cost of living is… not to mention how cheap the property is in the first place if you are comparing like for like! Take this colossal investment property in Ovacik near Oludeniz. Comes part furnished and with 6 bedrooms PLUS an additional 2 bed SC apartment (8 bed total). Distressed sale so reduced to £169,950. Loads of potential. Own pool and large plot…surely this is value for money?!  CLICK FOR DETAILS

7. Sun. Who needs it? All that dust and barren landscape. I couldn’t be doing with that!

property for sale in Turkey
Fancy staring over lush green forest at the sea? Fethiye is surrounded by mature pine forests and mountains making for spectacular views. This unique villa is in Faralya, a rural location 20 minutes along the coastal road from Oludeniz. £125,000 gets you this fully furnished 2 bed with large sea view plot and private pool. Room to expand into lower floor if wished. CLICK FOR DETAILS

8. Fethiye’s a holiday resort, far too commercial. Would hate to live anywhere like that! 

property for sale in Turkey
The Fethiye area is diverse. There are the holiday resorts like Hisaronu, Ovacik and Calis. There are also traditional villages like Uzumlu, tucked in a valley just 20 minutes from town. This fully furnished 4 bed private villa with pool is within easy reach of the village centre. It comes with a proven rental history and return business each year. A bargain at just £135,000. CLICK FOR INFO.

9. The kids would never like it. They’re happy spending school holidays back home. They would never enjoy extended holidays here…

property for sale in Turkey
Buying a family property in Turkey, to use during the holidays, makes sense. Saving 1000’s per year for your 2 week trip abroad, plus kids clubs, public bath visits and general kid costs at home is pricey. Here, come back and forth as you fancy, kids enjoy the pool, beach and outdoors. Cost of living is far cheaper and they make friends on site they see each summer. Out of season, why not rent the place to friends and family to make the property, and your holiday, pay for itself? Take this ready to go fully furnished 3 bed duplex in Yaniklar. Spacious, loads of complex facilities, perfect for families and just £59,000! CLICK FOR INFO

10. I’m scared. All them bombings, ISIS and the PKK…far to close for comfort.

property for sale in Turkey
Map showing the risk areas in Turkey taken from www.gov.uk official website. Whilst sat in London are you scared of an incident that happened in Germany? Turkey does have it’s troubles, but that’s the kind of distance we’re talking from Fethiye to the Syrian boarder. Turkey is a HUGE country. Istanbul 14 hours away by car. Suruc, where the bombing took place, over 20 hours away. Fethiye is Mugla province, look below Aydin, far left on map. Understandably, the government have upped security in Turkey, but don’t be scared by the media scaremongering. Fethiye is the same beautiful town it always has been. CLICK TO READ AN ARTICLE “10 REASONS TO VISIT FETHIYE RIGHT NOW” 

11. And finally sunsets. Could never see myself rounding the day off with an Efes here…

property for sale in Turkey
No way! Enjoy this? Blah! The beautiful sunset from Calis Beach. To see our Calis property selection, please CLICK FOR INFO.

Well, we hope we have answered a few of those doubt’s about buying a property for sale in Turkey! If you would like to know more, please contact OCEANWIDE PROPERTIES.

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(Main image by Henri Bergius at Flickr) 



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