10 Telltale signs you’re ready to come to Turkey

What a surprise, it’s raining! You’re sat in you’re cosy home in the UK, listening to the pitta-patter of raindrops on the double glazing for the umpteenth consecutive day, only to open Facebook and be confronted with images of a good friend putting her flip-flops up and enjoying the springtime sun in Fethiye – if only it was you (sad emoji face). 

time to come to turkey
Are you missing this?

So, you’ve got itchy feet and you’re longing to get away? You’re eager to spend your life, or at least a part of it, under the sun in a country where days are easy going, your money stretches further and you can live in a palace compared with what you can afford in the UK.

Maybe you’re the quiet type, a little reserved and seeking the peace and tranquillity of a traditional country village like Uzumlu. Perhaps you’re more of the social animal, keen to sample the delights of the local bars, restaurants and entertainment in a popular resort like Calis or Hisaronu, or maybe you fancy living life amongst the locals right here in Fethiye town centre.  Well, what are you waiting for? Carpe diem, ‘seize the day’, book that flight, and come to Turkey!

Here’s a wild guess (since you clicked the post), I’m betting you have already considered spending time in Turkey. That you’re sat in your office now, maybe your living room, avoiding the rain and simply need a little push into packing that bag, organising that holiday or, better still, making the move to Turkey more permanent.

Still unsure? Well, if in doubt, here’s a few signs to watch out for – our 10 telltale signs you’re ready to pack up and come to Turkey.

  1. come to turkey
    Book that flight and come to Turkey!

    You have your suitcase packed. OK…this may be a little premature, but you did pick up a few holiday bits in the January sales. You have amassed some new sandals, picked up that ‘to die for’ summer dress with 30% off, and bought a pair of shorts in readiness for the summer.

  2. Your phone has a dual UK / Turkey weather app. Yep, just to make you miss the sun all the more, you have downloaded a weather app showing the forecast in your favourite Turkish resort as well as your UK hometown. Well done you!
  3. You get very excited when you see a program or documentary about Turkey advertised on TV. You love Turkey and love reading press articles and blogs about life there. You may even go as far as to actually plan your evening around a BBC or Channel 4 Simon Calder Turkey episode.
  4. Over 70% of your Instagram feed are pictures of Turkey. The feed on your Instagram is packed full of #Fethiye #Calisbeach or #Turkey. If so, just #bookit!
  5. Your friends are now sick of the local Turkish restaurant. Your mates have become reluctant to leave you in charge of organising a night out. They know the menu at your local Turkish restaurant by heart and can’t deal with any more Saturday meze nights at Mehmets local restaurant.
  6. You eagerly await EasyJet’s new flight announcements. You have your search criteria pre-programmed for Turkey to get best price alerts from all UK Airlines flying to and from the country.
  7. You have at least one ‘how to learn Turkish’ book. You may even have joined an online course to learn the language. This is then practised at your post-pub visit to the Turkish run chippy or kebab house.
  8. You have shortcuts to all the resort webcams saved on your phone or taskbar. You check the webcams strategically placed at some of your favourite Turkey-time haunts daily. How’s the weather in Oludeniz today? I know I’ll check Buzzcam!
  9. villa in Uzumlu
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    Your home is full of Turkishness. Look around you, is there a mosaic lamp nearby or a few evil eye pendants lurking around the room? Are you sat on a Turkish cushion, stood on a traditional carpet or chomping your nibbles from a fancy Turkish dish? Definitely time to buy the Turkish home to show them off properly!

  10. You’re reading property blogs. This is perhaps a major indication that Turkey’s calling – you are reading the quips and funnies about life here in Turkey on a property blog! Without a doubt, a big, flashing neon sign saying head over to the OCEANWIDE PROPERTIES website and have a look around. With bargain property from as little as £29,000, to luxury homes with tags well over a £1 million, we have properties in a wide range of coastal locations to suit everyone. Go on, come to Turkey!

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