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kaputas-TurkeyWhen it comes to choosing a country to retire to, British citizens are faced with a raft of choices. Here at Oceanwide properties, admittedly, we may be slightly biased, but we do believe Turkey has everything for the UK citizen looking for an idyllic place in which to unwind and spend their remaining years in tranquillity and pleasure.

The weather is one huge bonus of course but others include the friendliness of the Turkish people and the fact that property in Turkey is so much less expensive than other Mediterranean resorts boasting the same kind of weather and leisure facilities.

British Citizens are the Third Most Popular Tourists to Turkey

For those who enjoy the convivial aspect of an expat community then this exists in various Turkish seaside resorts – British citizens are, after all, the third most frequent visitors to Turkey, not to mention residents. The huge attraction for British citizens looking for a property in Turkey or other places abroad is the fact that that they will get a lot more for their buck (or litre) in this Mediterranean beauty spot.

In fact, the number of foreigners who own Turkish property has grown by 30 per cent within the past ten years. The big growth areas are Antalya and Mugla but property to rent in Fethiye (an area of Mugla) and Kalkan is also proving irresistible to non-Turkish residents, if the statistics are anything to go by. These show that 30,000 expats have opted to buy a home (whether to live in or for property rental – or even both) in Antalya within recent years, while 20,000 have chosen Mugla as their destination of choice.

Property Values in Turkey

The above isn’t surprising when you consider that property in Turkey is 35 per cent less to purchase than it is in other sun-kissed spots such as Spain and France (55 per cent less in the latter).

Moving to Turkey is much easier

The abolishment of certain laws restricting foreign purchase of property has made buying and settling in Turkey so much easier for non-Turkish residents to the extent that the Turkish government are offering incentives to foreign citizens in the form of a quicker – and longer – residency (one year for those who purchase a property in Turkey compared to three months as in previous times).

Moving with Pets

We all love our animals and hate to leave them behind when we move or even go on holiday and the Turkish government has recognised this to the extent they have made it so much easier to set up home with man’s best friend or indeed their cat. All that’s necessary these days to bring Rover or Tiddles with you is a pet passport, rabies jag and export certificate. Provided your flight company are willing, you’re all set to land in Turkey as a ready-made family.

There are lots of other benefits to living in Turkey and if you’d like to learn more of them, or find out the availability of properties to rent here then please do contact us at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.


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