Obtaining a Turkish Driving Licence


One of the things often overlooked by UK nationals intent on retiring abroad somewhere warm and sunny and who purchase a property in Turkey, is the fact that after a number of years your British driving licence may need to be renewed. Certainly after the age of 70 you are no longer entitled to without passing a test under DVLA regulations.


However, if you’ve had a Turkey property for a number of years and know you’ll be here for the foreseeable future, then it’s often best to purchase a Turkish driving licence, we’ve found here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. So how exactly do you do that? Well, it’s actually not difficult and can be accomplished in less than one day. There is no need to renew and it’s actually valid for the UK for a six month period.

You’ve two choices to go about getting a Turkish driving licence – either via an agent (which will cost around halve the price of the actual licence) or to fill out the paper work and do the necessary yourself. The licence incidentally will cost around 350 Lira.

Documents Necessary to Obtain Your Turkish Driving Licence

There are a number of documents you’ll need to take with you when registering for your Turkish driving licence. These include your UK driving licence, passport, tax number, residence permit and Kimlik number (the latter being your 11 digit citizens number. You also require five passport photos.

Steps Necessary for Your Turkish Driving Licence

Have your UK licence translated to make life easier for the Turkish authorities. Next you’ll need this notarized and a couple of copies made. Head to your local government clinic and fill out the necessary forms there then wait in the queue to be called for a free eye test and medical.

Next port of call is a tax office where you’ll be asked to show the health report and other documentation such as your passport and tax number. This is where you pay for the licence.

Next step is to get your criminal record check from your local court. Once you’ve obtained this it’s on to the traffic police who will ask to see all your documents then sign a form and ask you to take a brown envelope containing a form to your local police station where you’ll have your finger prints taken. Another form will be put into the envelope and this will have to be returned to the traffic police. The remainder of the application is then paid and now all you have to do is wait up to three months for your Turkish driving licence to arrive at your local police station (an officer there should contact you to let you know when it does).

If you’re looking for any advice about moving over here and particularly what is involved when investing in a property in Turkey then, here at Oceanwide Properties, we’d be delighted to answer any questions and point you in the right direction. Our staff are bilingual and we have an office in London as well as Turkey.

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