6 Things to Do in Fethiye


Here at Oceanwide Properties we have many offices throughout Turkey in areas such as Side and Istanbul however, our head office is right here in Fethiye. So we, more than most, know what’s going on in this fascinating area and the hot spots anyone thinking of buying property for sale in Fethiye should be looking out for.
Here’s our list of top 6 attractions in the area:


  1. The Old Town. Like most towns and cities Fethiye too has its old quarter. Here it’s called Paspatur. The area has a very relaxed vibe and tends to be well shaded so great for walking round in the summer months. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops here so well worth a visit.
  2. Boat Trips. Expect to pay around 25 lira each for a trip to one of the many islands dotted around the coast. You could always hire a private boat of course but do so with a lot of friends as this can prove expensive (between £100 and £200 depending on the size). One of the less expensive and fun boat trips is the Sunday Market sail to Gocek.
  3. The Market. This takes place on Tuesday and Friday (the latter is just for food). The Tuesday market however is all about clothes, shoes, handbags, purses, jewellery and a host of other accessories. If you fancy getting out further afield there’s a similar market to the Tuesday one at Calis every Sunday.
  4. Oludeniz Beach. What hasn’t been written about Oludeniz? But then there’s a reason for that. This really is one of the most beautiful beaches around with a stunning lagoon at Belcekiz Beach, para gliding from the nearby hills and the odd seaside café for refreshment (just in case you don’t fancy sand sandwiches). Meanwhile Calis beach is renowned for its sunsets.
  5. Lycian Rock Tombs. Carved into the cliff face and sitting high above Fethiye, the town, the rock tombs are a stunning piece of masonry dating back to 4th Century BC. The highest tomb belongs to Amyntas. It’s quite a hike to get there but well worth it since the views over the area are simply amazing. Those interested in historic architecture will also love the renovation of the Telmessos Theatre in Fethiye itself and the Dalyan Lycian rock tombs.
  6. Saklıkent Gorge. Sitting just 50km from Fethiye, this impressive Canyon measures 300 meters x 18 km in length. It’s actually one of the deepest canyon’s in the world. Because water levels rise so high in winter (due to melting snow from the Taurus Mountains) it’s actually only accessible during the summer months. Don’t forget to take your camera when coming here.

The above are just some of the wonderful attracts in and around Fethiye. You can see why many ex-pats choose to invest in property in Turkey. If you’re considering coming here to look at Turkish property then do pop in and see us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We’d be happy to show you our latest portfolio of properties and show you the area’s stunning sights.


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