60 Well-preserved ship wrecks found in the Black Sea

Black Sea Ship wrecks

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project has made some amazing discoveries after three long seasons exploring the depths of the Black Sea. A total of 60 well-preserved ships wrecks have been located, an incredible find shedding new light on over 2500 years of seafaring history dating back to Roman, Byzantine, medieval and ancient Greek times.

In a press release issued by the University of Southampton who led the scientific investigations, the project didn’t set out to find wrecks but to use the latest robotic laser scanning, acoustic and photogrammetric techniques to map the sea floor – the wrecks were simply a bonus! Lack of oxygen in the black sea has meant the ships have suffered minimal erosion. According to Channel 4 News, some of the vessels date back to 400BC and the time of Alexander The Great. Amazing 3D images of the ships have now been created allowing historians to study the ships in more detail and even the artefacts found on board. The entire assemblage is now being classed as one of the finest underwater museums in the world.

Turkey never ceases to amaze us – still finding slices of history no one knew existed. It will be interesting to follow this story and see what new info the researchers and scientists can gain for these ships.

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