A Day Trip to Meis


A Day Trip to Meis

Probably the most exciting tourism news last week was that the ferries from Fethiye to Meis and Rhodes are due to start running again, after a two year hiatus.

This means that one of our favourite day trips is available again.

From the beautiful Turkish fishing village of Kaş you can catch the Meis Express and be in Meis – or Kastellorizo as it is known by the Greeks – in just thirty minutes.

Meis is a charming, traditional, small island, only 6km long and 3km wide. The perfect place for a day trip, or an overnight stay, if you want to really slow your pace down.

Ferries tend to leave Kaş around 10am and return around 4pm which leaves you plenty of time to explore this delightful little island, grab a bite to eat, and hit the duty free shop.

You can easily spend an hour or two walking up and down the small alleyways. Maybe even say hello to a cat, or two, or three…

Then you can choose one of the waterside restaurants and have a lovely meal whilst gazing out on the blue sea and colourful harbour houses.

Visiting the Blue Cave

If you’ve got time and the conditions are right you can jump on one of the small tourists boats that takes you to the Blue Cave. When we last visited the tide was fairly high so we had to lay down flat in the boat to get through the cave entrance. However, it was worth it to see how the sun reflected off the water and made the cave blue in every sense. If you’ve put on your swimming costume under your clothes you’ll even have time for a quick dip.

You can also pop in to the local supermarket. You’ll find many family favourites such as Cadbury chocolate that you can’t find in Turkey. Plus there is a small duty free shop you can visit just before jumping back on the ferry – but don’t forget to stay within your duty free allowance.

If you are interested in visiting Meis many of the local tour operators in Fethiye and the surrounding areas offer superb day trips that include a return transfer to Kas and the ferry ticket. At the time of publishing this article, you require a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before entry or a rapid flow test performed 24 hours before arrival, regardless of nationality and vaccination status.

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