A Snow Walk Above Fethiye

A Snow Walk Above Fethiye

One of our customers recently went on a snow walk in the mountains surrounding Fethiye. We couldn’t resist sharing some photos she sent us, along with information about the hike.

The group met just outside Fethiye before heading to the start point in convoy. They drove for around 45 minutes, past Üzümlü and Nif, before parking up at the side of the road.

Once there they donned their gaitors, made sure they had all the equipment they might need and checked they hadn’t forgotten their sandwiches and hot drinks.

The first part of the hike was upwards through forest on uneven ground before reaching a more open area. The more experienced hikers said that the more snow there was on this section of the walk, the easier it was to walk on.

snow walk

After an hour or so of climbing, including regular stops to catch their breath and admire the view, the hikers reached a plateau. There was untouched snow for as far as the eye could see and it took the breath away of both the novices and experienced snow walkers.

They carried on for another hour, across the plateau and towards the mountain tops. Some of the walk was rather cold, especially when they were walking in shaded areas. But overall the weather was very pleasant.

Around lunchtime they found a place to perch and broke out the sandwiches and hot drinks. After which they retraced their steps back to the cars.

All in all the snow walk, including the drive, took around 5 hours. The conditions were incredible – warm sun, not too deep snow, a good crowd and stupendous views. All topped off with a quick drink in a popular Üzümlü watering hole on the way back.

Obviously not all snow walks are lucky enough to have such good weather. Sometimes the wind can get a bit strong and the slopes can get a bit steep so walking poles and crampons should be taken on every trip. The walks are led by an experienced hiker and snow walker who also has training in mountain rescue.


If you’d like to join a future snow walk you can join their Facebook page.

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