Apartment Property Management in Turkey


Many individuals and couples who invest in Turkey property tend to go for an apartment in a complex rather than a larger family style villa home. The reason for this is that an apartment tends to be smaller but it’s also usually ‘managed’ too meaning there is no daily maintenance issues to have to keep on top of – at least not for one individual or family.

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Maintenance of the complex, once the builders move on, is up to all the owners put together. And the best way to do this is via a committee. This means issues arising are dealt with more swiftly and efficiently and big decisions tend to be taken to a vote. The committee system is actually law in Turkey where every house owner has an equal share of responsibility for the maintenance of the complex, however it doesn’t always go as smoothly as it should we have found here at Oceanwide Properties. And that’s why the on-site manager. Actually it is a legal stipulation in Turkey that a management and maintenance agreement is drawn up and signed by each individual apartment owner.

Residential Complex Managers

Obviously none of the apartment owners want to be landed with the day to day maintenance of a large complex which will include a pool, often a restaurant and probably a bar too. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring in a manager – preferably one who stays on-site rather than a company ‘factor’ based in the nearest large town. The manager should then have the responsibility to be able to call in tradesmen etc when required without having to put everyday maintenance issues to the vote. For his trouble he should receive a salary which should be built into the overall complex management fees drawn up by the committee.

The problem with a company factor based outwith the apartment is that no-one from the team is present to deal with emergencies such as flooding or a power cut. In addition, it’s the management committee as a whole that is billed rather than the individual apartment owners. This means the committee has another layer of administration and it can be quite a lengthy process having to chase up apartment owners; many of whom may not be present year round but using the apartment as a holiday let rather than a residential home.

Property Management Fees in Turkey

Just like back home in the UK, these will vary depending on the size of the apartment, amount of amenities involved and even the location, but on average apartment owners should expect to pay anything from 40 to 100 Lira a month.

If you’re thinking of buying  an apartment, a villa or some other type of property in Turkey then here at Oceanwide Properties we would be happy to help guide you through the actually Turkey property purchasing process. You can contact us at our offices in Turkey or in London where we will be happy to discuss your plans for moving or renting abroad.


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