Baklava -A Sweet Temptation

Buying a property in Turkey means that you will have plenty of time to discover one of Turkeys finest desserts – Baklava.

A sweet discovery. Either homemade or shop-bought, you will be delighted. Sweet and sticky, it is the perfect end to any meal. You can also enjoy it alongside the authentic taste of traditional Turkish coffee.

Baklava is a layered pastry that comes in all shapes and sizes. Prepared in large trays by layering many thin sheets of filo pastry, brushed with either oil or butter. Filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.
The nuts are typically walnuts and pistachios, and sometimes crushed hazelnuts are used.

Cut into triangles, diamonds or rectangles before baking, the baklava is later covered in a sweet syrup and left to cool.
Usually served at room temperature, and often garnished with groundnuts.

Most likely developed in its current form in the imperial kitchens of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. On the 15th day of every month, in an anticipated ceremony, the Sultan gave his Janissaries (household troops) a tray of these sweet delights.

A very popular dessert of Ottoman cuisine. Iranians, Iraqis, Arabs, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Balkans and Tunisians have claimed it, however, the fiercest claim is between the Turks and the Greeks.

Baklava is a sweet pleasure to the tastebuds, be that as it may, with vanilla ice cream it’s a complete game changer!

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