Beautiful Beaches in Turkey


The idyllic setting – and beauty – of Turkey’s secluded and private beaches, as well as the sheer popularity of the tourist-frequented stretches of sand and water makes Turkey a hugely popular holiday destination. The country has numerous beaches to pick and choose from so for those who dream about owning a Turkey property on the coast, then here’s a quick run-down of the best beaches and how to go about securing your dream purchase:




Follow the Blue Flag

Blue Flag beaches have a stamp of international approval – these are the beaches given an environmental award because they are clean and safe for both humans and marine life. They also align with very strict European Union standards which take into account both water and beach cleanliness. Turkey actually has around 397 official Blue Flag beaches – making it within the top five world beach resorts. This Blue Flag status makes a great starting point in your quest for a beach environment which is not just beautiful and great to spend time in, but is also safe for you and your family.

Secluded beaches: no lifeguards

Most of Turkey’s secluded beaches or stretches of water which are away from main tourist centres have no lifeguards to keep an eye on bathers. They tend to have clear waters which means it’s easy to see what’s underfoot. However, riptides and undertow conditions may be present so it’s commonsense not to venture too far from the beach, unless you are a strong swimmer. As ocean water temperature rises from April onwards, you’ll note more and more people and families flocking to the beach to enjoy the good weather and warm waters – so make sure you get there early n order to secure one of the best spots for the day.

Most popular beaches

Turkey has some amazing beaches where it’s possible to sunbathe, swim or partake in watersports such as jetskiing, scuba diving and even paragliding over the ocean. Both beautiful Patara Beach and Oludeniz are in Fethiye and although they are incredibly popular they are also large enough to always guarantee there will be a space to spread out your picnic blanket.

It’s actually these two beaches that make property for sale in Fethiye so quickly snapped up by expats. And the same goes for nearby Alanya. Sarigerme beach near Dalaman Airport is another hot favourite with tourists and definitely worth a visit if you have time.

It’s no surprise then that apart from the city dwellers in Istanbul, property for sale in Turkey tends to be far more popular on the coast, particularly the stretch which covers the Mediterranean region.

It’s not easy securing such Turkey property however and it’s for this very reason that it makes sense to team up with a local estate agent such as ourselves here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. We’re based in Fethiye so have our ear to the ground on the best properties for sale in the region and how to negotiate for them so that you won’t fall foul of Turkish culture or the law.



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