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Discovering the tastes and flavours abroad is one of the things that entice many people to visit a foreign country- and Turkey, of course, is no exception. The country’s Mediterranean cuisine is loved and feted the world over by holidaymakers and those who have invested in a Turkey property. Breakfast in particular is a big deal in a traditional Turkish household. What does it consist of? Well, let the Ocean Properties team here regale you right now:


Culture & Cuisine

For a start breakfast in Turkey is a family occasion and it is to be savoured at leisure (obviously Saturdays and Sunday’s work best here – unless everyone gets up at the crack of dawn – such is the call of work these days).

Basic or Elaborate – It All Starts with Tea

Turkey may be renowned for its coffee, but come breakfast time in a traditional Turkish family, the teapot takes centre stage. Tea is severed regardless of whether the food sitting on the breakfast table is of a sweet or savoury nature. If you’re a coffee fanatic – don’t worry; you’ll be served some of the strong stuff later on. A traditional Turkish breakfast should also consist of plenty of freshly squeezed juice such as pomegranate and orange.

Bread and Cheese

The combination of bread and cheese has never looked as good as in Turkey’s small and quaint breakfasts cafes.  Bread tends to be served fresh from the oven (with all the lovely aroma that entails)  and although crisp and white is the local favourite, you’ll no doubt also have the welcome choice of whole-wheat, rye, sourdough and other types of bread.  And now for the cheese… count on plenty of feta, goats cheese, kashkaval (a yellow cheese made from sheep milk), mature cheddar and a selection of white and sweet cheeses.

A Platter to Choose From

It is not uncommon to find the option of a breakfast platter in Turkey, and which is a great way to get to sample everything without missing out on any one item. Bread and cheeses tend to come with mixed olives, fig preserves, jam, honey and soft curd.  Oh yes, and there’s tea in abundance.

Savoury Turkish Breakfasts

For fans whose taste buds tend to a more savoury rather than sweet side, it’s possible to order up a café breakfast of stirred eggs, tomato and onions. Known locally as menemen it’s served up with fresh bread and cheese.

Breakfast is an elaborate affair in Turkey and even in busy cities such as Istanbul you’ll still find individuals taking time out for it. Those who have already invested in a Turkey property will know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t and are thinking of looking at property for sale in Fethiye or other coastal areas of Turkey, then do get in touch with us here at Oceanwide Properties. We specialize in finding and selling property for overseas buyers, particularly in the UK, and have a large portfolio of properties in Turkey for sale. Meanwhile, we’re also happy to market existing properties.

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