Buying A Property Off Plan

buying a property off plan

Buying A Property Off Plan

Buying a property off plan is something that you see advertised very often, especially in Turkey and many of our clients have asked us about it, and have also told us they are wary of buying a property that has not been built yet.

We understand the doubts that many people have in regards to buying a property off plan but we also want to reassure you that times have changed and that rules and regulations and that there are many benefits to buying off plan that maybe some people are not aware of.

The main reason that most people buy a home off plan is the financial advantages, buying off plan can be a smart investment option. Buying off plan means that you are buying the house before the building work is finished. As soon as all the work is finished the price of the property will go up to a normal sale purchase price.

Market prices are rising all the time, so buying off plan secures the property at that price, meaning that by the time you actually move in, your property will be worth more than you paid.

Depending on the company that develops the property, many have a payment plan in place meaning that usually a lump sum will be paid and then an agreed amount of individual payments will be made until the final figure is complete.

Flexibility with a future investment, if you know you are planning on retiring to Turkey in the next couple of years, then buying off plan here may be a great way to save money, but also to have the choice and flexibility of choosing many internal fixtures and fittings that are still to go into the property. You may also be able to choose a plot that has a better view or a slightly larger garden plot or maybe is facing south etc. Sometimes getting in early has major benefits.

Working with a well-known and well respected developer is paramount and asking to see their previous work is a great way to see the quality of the work that they do. A developer that is well established will be able to tell you what will be built nearby on any adjoining land, and this information can then be checked against official council plans.


With advances in technology the 3d plans that you are able to see before the homes are even started are a great way to see the type of property that you will be buying and are usually very accurate.

Here are some of the properties that we currently have listed that are off plan.

if you would like to find out more about buying any of our off plan villas and apartments then please contact us here at Oceanwide Properties.


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