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Thanks to its rich cultural history, Turkey is renowned for its antiques, collectibles and historic rarities. If you have recently bought property in Turkey and looking to furnish and decorate your new investment then it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to head out to some local Turkish antique fayres. The team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey have been to a few ourselves and this is what we’ve learned:











Turkish law and Authentic Antiquities

Just as in the UK, there are specific laws when it comes to buying authentic antiquities in Turkey. To this end, Turkish law states that it’s forbidden for genuine Turkish antiquities to be bought, owned, sold or exported by private individuals. And, any artefact older than 100 years is considered to be a historic piece and therefore national cultural property. Ex-pats in particular are warned about this as unfortunately there are negligent dealers ready to prey in this regard.

Authorised Dealers

For ex-pats or tourists looking for high quality pieces it’s imperative to always buy from authorised dealers. The latter can be identified by their certifications – which should always be on view or he/she should be prepared to show them when asked.

Consider Prices

Authentic antiquities can be judged by their price. Turkish citizens working in this field know their historic pieces and antiquities very well – and will hardly sell authentic antiquities or rarities poorly priced or far too cheaply.

Historic Sites of Interest

Historic sites in particular should be approached carefully. Perhaps you have bought property in Turkey near to a historic site? In that case, you will notice that informal dealers and hawkers offer cultural Turkish rarities for sale – and would be eager for you to buy these. Historic sites in particular should be treated with great respect, anything from fossils to rarities and artefacts found here have an important cultural and historic role and therefore tourists and ex-pats are advised against buying any valuables from informal dealers at these locations.

Centre of Trade

Undoubtedly, Turkey’s main antique trade centre is found in Istanbul. Within the surrounds of the Grand Bazaar and Old Bazaar, ex-pats will find a selection of the finest antique shops in the whole of Turkey. You’ll find this antique trade centre is renowned for legal trading in high quality historic Turkish pieces.

In conclusion then, Turkey is a land of exquisite cultural and historic pieces and ex-pats are encouraged to enjoy them – within the margins of Turkish law. The Oceanwide Properties team recommend that if you have any uncertainty about dealers, pieces or antiquities then contact a local Turkish museum or authorised dealer. That way you can enjoy your new antique purchase without worrying about a Turkish police officer turning up at your door!

Nothing could be more rewarding – or fun – than seeking out traditional antiques for your new Turkey property. And if you haven’t found your perfect property in Turkey yet, then do give the team here a call. We’d love to help!



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