Buying Property in Turkey


“Buying property in Turkey from Oceanwide Properties was easy. Suleyman Akbay and his team went to great lengths to ensure we saw a great selection of properties before we decided on the one we wanted. The buying process was remarkably easy and they helped us through the entire process from start to finish. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service to anyone seeking a property in Turkey”. Mr & Mrs Andrews. Fethiye.

Buying Property in Turkey?

For many years Turkey has attracted foreign property investors. The country first became popular with British and Europeans due to the non-eurozone benefits, a warm climate, great transport links and affordable property prices available in Istanbul and along much of the coast. Recent years saw property laws amended. Now citizens from most countries can purchase land and property in Turkey so it is no longer simply the Europeans that invest. Arabs, Russians, Eastern Europeans and many other nationalities are enjoying the benefits of living or owning property in Turkey.

Why buy property in Turkey?

AFFORDABILITY.  The main reason foreigners buy property in Turkey is affordability. With many properties starting under £50,000, and excellent transport links to most UK and European Airports, a property in Turkey makes sense. After all – what can you buy in England or Spain for that?

DIVERSE CHOICE OF LOCATIONS. Coastal Turkey offers an extra-ordinary choice of locations. From pretty harbour towns and traditional villages, to thriving tourist resorts and metropolitan cities – Turkey has it covered. There’s a property in Turkey suiting all tastes and budgets. Take a look at our LOCATION GUIDES. 

CHEAPER COST OF LIVING. The cost of living in Turkey is a huge bonus. Running costs of a property here are far less than most other countries. I think you may be quite surprised how much further your pound or pension could stretch:

  • Average Purchase Price: £65,000 (for a quality 2 bed resale in popular coastal location including furniture)
  • Electricity per month: 
  • Water per month: 
  • Council Tax per year: 
  • Rubbish Tax per year: 
  • Unlimited Internet per month:  all of these are currently cheaper than in the UK.
  • Property Maintenance: Differs dependent on property. If you are in a complex with pool you are looking at anywhere from £500 to £1200 per year. If the apartment is more traditional with no facilities there is often no charge.
  • Insurance: DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance) must be purchased but varies according to needs. Optional household insurance dependent on contents.
  • Weekly Grocery Shop. The cost of most items are very reasonable. A sizable weekly grocery shopping bill will depend on how many people you are catering for and of course your tastes, there are supermarkets ranging from the very basic to hyper markets selling everything you need to foreign stores allowing you a taste of UK and other assorted national foods, but compared to prices in the UK, you will be happy to know your pennies will still go further in Turkey.
  • Eating Out: Fethiye is one of the cheapest locations along the coast – prices in Istanbul and Bodrum can be far higher. It is possible to get a set-menu 2 or 3 course meal in a back of resort restaurant for a third of the price in other areas. If you are looking for something fancy, in a popular restaurant or in one with a view, you pay more. The average between 200TL to 300TL for 2 courses per head. Average price of a large beer or a glass of house wine or local spirit and mixer will pleasantly surprise you.


Our website includes a wealth of information on buying property in Turkey. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions, please CONTACT US. Read more ABOUT US or search LOCATIONSHave a read through our FAQs on buying, selling and renting your property out in Turkey.  Read TESTIMONIALS for an idea on how we conduct our business, and VIEW PROPERTY for the latest deals, bargains and homes on offer.

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