Positive changes to Turkish Residence Permit regulations on the horizon


Turkey’s Ministry of the Interior recently used Twitter to announce a set of new Turkish Residency Permit regulations that could bode well for foreigners looking to reside in Turkey.

A number of tweets appeared last Tuesday (August 16th) on https://twitter.com/Gocidaresi indicating positive extensions and updates to current validity periods were on the horizon – there was even a suggestion that the controversial 120 day rule, hated by many, may be abolished. However, these announcements, or breakdowns of intended qualification changes and the finer details, are yet to appear on the governments official website leaving us at a loss as to if, or when these new regulations will come into play.  As far as we understand from local offices, “it will take a few weeks“, so we are guessing early September 2016 . It’s a good idea to check official websites for updates (http://www.goc.gov.tr)

The highlights so far appear as follows:

  • Short Term Residency will be granted for up to 2 years (previously a year).
  • Short Term Residence permits for those married to a Turkish citizen and children will be grated for up to 5 years.
  • Family Residency will be grated for up to 3 years
  • Student Turkish Residence Permits will be granted to foreign students in Turkey for the duration of their studies
  • The 120 day rule is to be abolished

Oceanwide Properties News are keeping an eye on announcements regarding changes to Turkish Residency Permits and will keep you updated as soon as anything official is announced.

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