Consider This Check List Before Moving to Turkey


Whether the reason for buying a property in Turkey is to make a new life for you and your family in warmer climes or to retire abroad with your partner because, frankly, you’ve holidayed in Turkey ever year and love it so much that it’s time to bite the bullet, moving to the country is a huge step.

Apart from packing and doing all the admin stuff about renting your own property out or – if you’re determined to make Turkey your home for good – even selling up back in old Blighty, there’s a few things that will be good to get sorted out before you head for the airport. And here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’ve compiled a helpful list:

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Learn the Language

Even if you only have around 20 bits of vocab and a few trusted phrases, it’s a start. You’ll pick up the language far quicker and easier when you’re out there in your Turkey property of course but for confidence sake, it’s good to get there having already mastered some of the lingo.

Register with the British consulate

This isn’t a necessity but it’s an extremely good idea. No-one knows what the future holds and, being in a foreign country, it’s always nice to know where you can go for help or advice if needed, as well as that British staple – a nice cup of tea were worrying circumstances to arise.

Photocopy the Essential Stuff

All those essential documents which register to the world in an official not-to-be-messed-with capacity exactly who are are such as your passport, birth certificate, driving licence (if you have one), medical records, Turkey property deeds and marriage licence (if applicable) should all be copies several times and stored separately. It may also be an idea to scan them and keep a record on them on disc so they’re readily available.

Help Yourself Health-Wise

Prior to leaving the UK have a total health MOT. Go and book one at your doctor’s surgery. Also get your eyes checked and pay a visit to the dentist. Let them all know you’re moving to Turkey and won’t be around as a patient (unless you plan to fly back every six months or so but we’d advise getting a medical practitioner actually in Turkey for the sake of convenience if nothing else.

Keep Up Contacts

Make sure all your friends and family have your Skype address before you move out. That way, once you’re all set up with a trusted internet connection you can chat with them every day (if you really want to). E-mail is a must too.

Don’t Bank on Intelligent Money Lenders

Always tell your bank and other financial institutions that you’re moving to Turkey. Reason is you don’t want them to put a stop on your card once they notice every item is purchased in Turkey. Also, you want your financial statements to be coming directly to you rather than ending up at your old address and in who-knows-who’s hands.

For other helpful advice on moving to Turkey please contact our office at Oceanwide Properties Turkey where we’d be pleased to help.


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