Cost of Living in Turkey


Have you found your dream property in Turkey yet? Maybe you are lucky enough to be simply counting down the days until you relocate? Then you can look forward to finding a new rhythm in a peaceful corner of Turkey, or even a vibrant city location. Buying property in Turkey is exciting and can be rewarding. And in terms of living costs, you are going to be far better off than in the UK. Here’s what the Oceanwide Properties Turkey team can tell you about local costs here in the Fethiye region:


Affordable and Colourful Turkey

The low cost of living in Turkey is certainly one reason it is particularly attractive to Europeans. But it’s not the only reason. Turkey’s location means it is a melting pot of Mediterranean, European and Middle Eastern culture and lifestyles – which makes it a fascinating and diverse location or most travellers and holidaymakers, as well as those looking to relocate to a property in Turkey.

It’s All About the City

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya… living costs will differ dramatically between city and rural areas. Expect to pay more in Istanbul and Ankara for instance – not just in terms of rent but also travel, food and general provisions. However, many of the more popular coastal regions can also prove expensive (especially in the summer months) since they continually attract an international clientele.

Price of Food

Turkey has the benefit of growing plenty of fresh produce thanks to an excellent climate. It can always be found cheaply in village, town and city markets along with fresh bread, dairy products and fish. As a result those who fancy themselves as a bit of a gourmet will love food shopping in Turkey. Even local restaurants offer excellent value for money with a large, delicious breakfast in a Turkish café costing just 10 Turkish lira.

Communication and Utilities

Turkey has several excellent mobile service providers, and prices are likely to vary between them. Per minute rates can vary between 0.30 Turkish Lira and 1.80 Turkish Lira so it’s always worth doing plenty of research into this area.

Cost of Transport

Turkey has a well developed transport system which offers various options within Turkey’s main cities, and from those to smaller towns and rural villages. The public bus, metro and tram services are recommended and can certainly prove far less expensive than a private taxi hire. Children under the age of seven get on public transport for free. When in Istanbul or Ankara it’s a good idea to invest in an Istanbulkart, since this can be used for multiple public transport trips.

Certainly, the cost of living in Turkey isn’t as low as it may have been a few decades ago, but it does still compare favourably to many European nations. Quality living is still highly affordable and is the reason many ex-pats and holiday home owners come to Turkey on a regular basis. If you want to do the same, call on Oceanwide Properties for our expert Turkey property advice. We’ll be happy to help.


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