Court Order protecting Dalyan’s famous Iztuzu Beach


“We cannot sacrifice our turtles for a few sunbeds, a buffet, a restaurant and a place selling tea” says Idris Gulluce, Turkish Environment and Urban Planning Minister.

Some may recall the public protests and press calls last year trying to prevent Dalyan’s famous Iztuzu Beach from privatisation? Concerned citizens wanted to stop the beautiful beach fall into the hands of those more concerned with making a profit than protecting the environment and wildlife well known to inhabit the region. Unfortunately these cries did appear to fall on deaf ears until now. The beach came under new ownership last June despite the many local and social media campaigns.

A recent article published by Hurriyet Daily News, said that a court order has now been issued to protect the beach as a result of the activists recent hard work. DALCEV, the local company that won the 8 million Turkish Lira tender for Iztuzu Beach, reportedly wasted no time moving their construction team in after an initial suspension of work on the beach was lifted on December 28th. This spurred an immediate rally by locals and protesters. Meanwhile, a separate lawsuit between the local Municipality and Governor’s Office, issued yet another suspension which finally resulted in some fabulous news on January 6th – that Mugla’s Governor’s Office have ordered DALCEV not to proceed with their takeover plans.

The Hurriyet said that Turkish Environment Minister wanted to assure the community that “his institution will not sacrifice the idyllic beach of Iztuzu”. That he regarded the beach as “an area renowned for being one of the most important breeding areas for loggerhead turtles” and would not let it suffer for a “few sunbeds”. Idris Gulluce went on to say that “there should be no commercial facilities” at the site.

Such great news and again proof that when communities do rally together and have a common voice, it really can make a difference. Oceanwide Properties just hope that Idris Gulluce is a man of his word and that this court order is never lifted. We will keep you up to date should there be any other developments in the story.

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