Dalaman is All Fun Under the Sun


Whether you are out and about in search of property for sale in Turkey, or want to explore all that the Aegan coast has to offer, Dalaman is setting the scene for a roaring time. With a modern international airport, resorts that speak of relaxing summer holidays and natural treasures to discover, Dalaman is mix of traditional and contemporary Turkey with a strong holiday season influence that really shouldn’t be missed. Here’s what to look out for when visiting this popular corner of the Aegan coast:

Turkish coast near Dalaman

A short trip from Dalaman sits the enchanting Sarsala Cove. A popular spot for boats and yachts, Sarsala Cove is the perfect place for a day out exploring Turkey’s coastline.  Photography enthusiasts in particular will enjoy the panoramic views, beautiful forests, small secluded sandy beaches and the cleanest water you can ever imagine. Sarsala Cove is definitely one of the top places in which to unwind and enjoy the peaceful character of the Aegan coast we hear at Oceanwide Properties believe.

For adventure junkies

Dalaman’s mountain terrain and prevailing sunshine days make it the ideal place for adventure junkies: paragliding, tandem or solo paragliding – find it all in Dalaman. Glide over the Aegan coastal waters and get a bird’s eye view of Dalaman’s beaches and coves. Paragliding in Dalaman is hugely popular among tourists but don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before – there are plenty of schools available offering training courses.

Trek between Fethiye and Antalya

If visiting Turkey is a time for you to reconnect with nature then consider taking up the challenge of trekking the Lycian Way – a 311 mile journey that will take you from Fethiye to Antalya. And even if you only trek small sections of the Lycian Way, you will be rewarded with breath-taking Aegan coast scenery and a peaceful holiday to relax you. Perhaps you’ve spotted your ideal Turkey property along the way? In which case our team in Fethiye can certainly provide you with plenty of advice and assistance.

Osmaniye and Sarigerme

Sarigerme beach is hugely recommended by those who are lucky enough to spend a day there on its many sunbeds. Less commercialised than Sarigerme is the nearby small village of Osmaniye. The latter has preserved much of its traditional ways, especially in terms of architecture and culture. Sarigerme beach is within easy walking distance; making this village and its beach an ideal daytrip for the whole family.

Dalaman shopping

No trip or stay in Turkey would be complete without an authentic local shopping experience. Dalaman offers weekly markets where you can bargain good-naturedly for local goods to take home as souvenirs for yourself or presents for family and friends.

If Dalaman steals your heart, as we hear at Oceanwide Properties Turkey suspect will be the case, then our team here at are happy to help out with Turkey property viewings in the locale. Take a look at our online properties today to see if there is anything that currently catches your eye. If not, why not register with us to get weekly updates ofall there is to offer in the area?


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