Dining Out – Fethiye Promenade

dining out

Dining Out – Fethiye Promenade

Once you’ve found your dream home here in Turkey, you’ll probably be thinking of dining out, with good food, a good atmosphere and good views.

Dining out in one of the wide selection of restaurants on Fethiye promenade whilst watching the waves ripple and the boats bob up and down can offer all this and more.

There are three main sections of the promenade so allow me to take you through what’s on offer.

Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı to Fethiye Main Square

The first section is the area running between the wonderful Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı and the main Fethiye town.

For a cheap but sociable option you can put together a picnic and enjoy the sunset whilst sitting on the grass with friends. Alternatively simply grab a coffee and take in the view from a bench.

Further along, the choice of restaurants range from high end steak and fish restaurants to somewhere you can grab a çay and a simit.

The prices vary dramatically but the view of the sea, the sunset, and the town remain the same.

Fethiye Main Square

The second section gives you two choices.

One is set back from the water and offers diners views of the main square and many of the day boats.

The other runs right along the sea front and you’ll find plenty of small eateries to choose from.

The Edge of Fethiye Town

The third section takes you along the edge of the town itself. Sandwiched between the busy shopping streets and the bustle of the day boats and gulets are another large selection of restaurants and cafes, catering to every budget and taste bud.

                               Dining out

It is very easy to spend a few pleasant hours walking the whole promenade, day or night.

You can stop for a drink in any of the restaurants, maybe choose one to eat at later on, or on another day. Alternatively, take a break on one of the many benches along the way.

Turkish Delight

Should you choose to take a stroll in the evening, you will hear the live music emitting from many of the restaurants. The area is a popular choice for Turkish diners too. You get a real feel of being somewhere different and magical.

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