Discovering Selimiye.

discovering selimiye

Discovering Selimiye

A couple of weeks ago the Oceanwide Property team took a well earned break to the southern Turkish coastal resort of Selimiye, we ate, drank, walked, laughed and fell in love with the old world charm of this very quiet little paradise hidden away at the end of the peninsula.

Our Journey.

Im sure there are Dolmus’s that go there but we drove ourselves.

We left Fethiye at approximately 9 am and arrived in Selimiye at about 12.30, we stopped for a coffee and filled the petrol tank and we were off, the weather was warm but not too hot or balmy.

We zipped through Gocek tunnel, dashed past Koyceyiz and then Marmaris, until we came to the turning that is sign posted to Hisaronu (yep there is another one)  then wound our way along the pine forest roads that skirted passed Orhaniye and Turgutkoy until Selimiye’s crested bay opened up before us.

All along these winding roads we had glimpses of the sea which was so clear you could see the rocks and sea bed.

Unfortunately we also passed many fire trucks, Ambulances,  Police and Jandarma, the forest fires had been put out the night before we went, but evidence of this sad catastrophe was everywhere.

However after passing what felt like a silent sadness Selimiye was a very welcome sight, this small bay is enchanting, not a sprawling town or even a large village but a handful of small boutique hotels that sit nestled on the water’s edge, most of the buildings in Selimiye are 1 storey high with a few homes and buildings  that are 2 storeys.

There are amazing  restaurants, bohemian clothes boutiques, some wonderful jewellery shops and ceramic shops a few coffee shops and of course the famous ice cream and pastry parlour “Losta Tatlicisi” of which we partook (it would of been rude not to )

Selimiye is not cheap but it is so relaxing there, some of the boutique hotels have small bars but there is not thumping bar music or nightclubs it’s not exactly the haunt of  youth but it was just what we needed to relax and unwind.

We stayed in a small hotel that consisted of just 4 rooms on the sea front, outside our room door was a small terrace that was cool and shaded by the vines and flowers that hung over the walls there was a small garden, a path and then we were on the beach, 2 big strides and we were in the sea. We sat in the garden at night in the cool air and drank some wine listening to the lap of the water.

In the early hours of the next morning i ventured out on the beach it was about 5;45 am not a soul was in sight, I watched as the sun came up and changed the dusky sky into a clear blue.

Of course we had a traditional Turkish breakfast ( which always seem to taste better when someone else makes it) did a little shopping and started our journey back to Fethiye……. home.

We made a short stop in Orhaniye for an obligatory photo shoot as there is a sand bank that you can walk on in the middle of the bay that looks like you are walking on water, we were not the only ones and many tourists also flocked to this pretty bay to do the same as us.

We were driving, chatting and singing as we drove and we lost track of time we found ourselves suddenly starving and drove into koygeyiz, where we had a wonderful stake lunch by the lake, bought some local soap and the day was done.

Would we recommend going to Selimiye…..YES!

But not if you’re looking for a lively resort. If you want a quiet relaxed atmosphere with great food this is the place.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful destination why not message us here at OCEANWIDE PROPERTIES



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