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Turkey played a pivotal role in the civilisation of Europe. A meeting point between East and West, the country has a rich heritage which is well worth uncovering. From the Ancient Anatolian civilisations to several empires and the more recent Republic of Turkey there’s certainly plenty of history for a visitor or tourist to get their teeth stuck into.
Today Turkey proudly shares its eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites with the world. Here’s some of our favourites right here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey:




  • Xanthos-Letoon. If you happen to be in the Antalyan province looking for property for sale in Fethiye, then schedule some time to visit the Xanthos-Letoon. Xanthos was the ancient capital during the Lycian period, while the Letoon site tells an ancient Greek mythological tale. Still visible here is the foundations of the ancient Hellenistic temple. Apart from being significant archaeological sites, there’s no doubt that walking among these stones of yesteryear leaves you very much in awe of Turkish heritage.
  • Troy. Made popular by the Troy movie, the heritage site is in fact much larger and more impressive than you probably imagine. Once the battle grounds of the Trojan War, this site also played a significant cultural role in the form of Homer’s Illiad poem. Thousands of years later, society is still charmed by this master’s poetry.
  • City of Safranbolu. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site found in the Karabük province in the Black Sea region. For anyone with an interest in history and cultural heritage, this quaint town quarter will tug at many hearts. Traditional houses remain alongside Roman infrastructure. What makes this heritage site so remarkable is that life continues uninterrupted here: you can watch the locals simply going about their daily business. Safranbolu is a must for any cultural and history enthusiast. And who knows, you might find it so charming that you decide to buy property in Turkey.
  • Divrigi Great Mosque and Hospital. These sites in Antalolia have a deep history interlinking religion, human compassion, and persecution. Dating back to 1228, the mosque and hospital melted in with its mountainous surroundings, where it served as a place of worship and provided a medical retreat. Inside the mosque there are several aisles, bays and vaults with plenty of inscriptions and engravings to make fascinating reading.

Discovering the legacy left behind by Turkey’s heritage sites is incredibly interesting. But be warned, you’ll need plenty of time to demystify the very many hidden treasures and tales. Besides the country’s pleasant climate and growing ex-pat community, buying property in Turkey purely to discover its heritage isn’t a bad idea! Contact us here at Oceanwide Properties if that is at all a possibility and we’ll be happy to show you our extensive selection of properties for sale in Fethiye, Istanbul, Side and other sought-after and popular coastal and city areas of this utterly fascinating country.

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