Discovering Turkey’s Silk Road: then and now


No visit to Turkey – whether you are there to holiday or seek out property for sale in Turkey – would be complete without setting eyes on the remnants and villages of the country’s famous Silk Road. Known locally as Uzun Yol this lengthy piece of road or pathway traverses Turkey while connecting China with Europe.  It is certainly worth taking a look at today for this former trade route is about to be given a facelift in modern day Turkey and the role it is about to play in forging trade relations between East and West.

Istanbul on the Silk Road

Ancient Byzantium (today the vibrant and colourful Istanbul) was once a key stop off point on the Silk Road. This is all thanks to its location where it served (and still does, of course) as a bridge between the Far East and Europe.


Other Prominent Silk Road Destinations

Istanbul is certainly one of the major stop-off and trading points on the Silk Road but it is by no means the only one. Weary traders also made their way to other Turkish destinations such as the ancient port city of Trabzon and the capital of Cappadocia, Kayseri. The former (Trabzon) bordered the Black Sea with the port offering all-important trans-ocean trade options, while ancient city Kayseri was appreciated for its Ottoman goods. Both cities became important tourist destinations for those wanting to experience the ancient times for themselves. Kayseri in particular is widely acknowledged today for its various Ottoman sculptures.

Modern Developments

Those who are interested in buying property in Turkey for investment purposes may be pleased to learn that negotiations are currently under way between China and Turkey to once again put the Silk Road into action. The resulting impact on traded goods and industry in general could be quite spectacular – especially when you learn transport will be via means of train rather than foot. The reasoning, as in the past, is to boost exports, improve international relations and provide a springboard to further economic growth. What is really exciting for Turkey property investors in this whole scenario is the fact that Turkey will play such a central role in this modern-day re-invention of the Silk Road.

Ancient trade, modern trade, and a stretch of land which has spanned centuries and witnessed millions of fascinating incidents we are sure, the Silk Road is a real talking point in Turkey at the moment.  Certainly many are citing its as one of the key’s to the country’s economic prosperity.

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