Drinking Tea in Turkey


A prominent Turkish tradition throughout the whole of Turkey is the pure enjoyment of a cup of tea. But not any tea that is – only true and authentic Turkish tea. Next time you’re around for browsing property for sale in Turkey or a weekend of shopping in Istanbul; look out for these local tea traditions:

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Traditional Turkish Tea


The national drink: a symbol of friendship & hospitality
Wherever you meet Turks, whether discussing a Turkey property deal or meeting with local community members, perhaps a visit to your new Fethiye property neighbours – tea will often be served as a symbol of friendship or hospitality. That’s a Turkish tradition. And regardless of the time of day, where there is a gathering of people, tea will be served.

Although Turkish coffee may be more famous, it is in fact tea which is the national hot beverage – and understandably so as Turkey has a long and rich history of tea production and consumption.

Hailing from the Black Sea Coast
Locally produced tea is Turkey’s national pride. The beautiful mountain slopes of the Black Sea region is the key tea producing region – and a tourist highlight. Always ask your Turkish host about where your cup of tea comes from, most likely your host will want to tell you the stories of Turkish team, with all flavour and colour.

Small tea glasses
Coming from the UK, you may be familiar with tea served in a porcelain cup with saucer, in the US a mug may count, but in Turkey, tea is served in small tea glasses. Look out for the somewhat delicate tulip-like shape of Turkish tea glasses. Tea is served black; with the option of adding hot water should you not prefer your tea as entirely strong as the locals do.

A matter of brewing
The Turks have a specific way of making their tea – a tea making ritual one could say. It’s definitely not a case of merely pouring hot water on a tea bag. Tea bags hardly feature in traditional tea drinking communities, where tea leaves are used to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Typically, one teaspoon of tea will be used per cup. Boiling water is added and the teapot is left to brew over boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes (see why you have the option of adding water to your tea?). This is known as samovar-style tea brewing. The Turks prefer the tea extremely strong, and extremely hot. Turks will not leave their tea to stand or cool down – this drastically changes the taste. So, if you are ready for the authentic cup of Turkish tea, remember three things: hot, black and strong.

Strong, black tea from the Black Coast – that’s the Turkish tradition. But do not be surprised as the younger generation are turning to imported brands (and tea bags). Whatever your personal tea preferences, be sure to at least try Turkey’s national brew. And if endless cups of tea are what you will need to find your dream Fethiye Turkey property, why not call on us here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey today?


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