Elizabeth Alexandra Mary 1926 – 2022

elizabeth alexandra mary

Born in London, April 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was to become Britains longest serving monarch. This is just a short post dedicated to a woman who’s hard work and steadfastness have played such a huge part of history, she was an example of dedication and will always be remembered.

Married to Prince Phillip of Greece in 1947, the couple had four children, Anne, Charles, Andrew and Edward. The Queen and Prince Phillip were married for 74 years until Prince Phillip died in 2021, in her own words “his death has left a huge void”.

On Thursday 8th of September 2022, it was announced from Balmoral Castle in Scotland that the Queen had passed away peacefully. After a 70 year reign she was Britains longest serving monarch.

This put in motion operation “London Bridge” the code named plans and arrangements for the upcoming events of her laying in state and her funeral, which will be held on Monday the 19th of September.
This date has now officially been announced as a British national day of mourning, businesses and schools etc, across the country will close as a mark of respect.

The funeral service of the late monarch will be held in Westminster Abbey, London, a private service for the family will then take place in the chapel at Windsor castle, where the queen will be finally laid to rest next with her late husband The Duke of Edinburgh. This photograph is the last official picture of Her Majesty Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, never to be forgotten………sleep well Elizabeth.

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