Embrace Some Turkish Sunshine

The nights are getting longer and the weather a lot colder – in the UK at least. That isn’t the case if you have a property in Turkey though. Whilst Turkey does have seasons just as the UK does, the temperatures are generally warmer and in winter the temperature can vary between five and 15 degrees centigrade.


In the summer, temperatures can reach a heady 40 degrees centigrade – which seems incredible for us to think about at this time of the year while we struggle to cope with temperatures which are often hitting the minuses at night. Brr…

Of course, the weather is often a major attraction for Brits seeking out a property in Turkey. It is an enticing thought that you could own a home in Turkey (perhaps a Kalkan or Fethiye property), which would make warm, sunny climes a few hours’ flight away. The warmer weather is such a magnet.

Temperatures in Turkey in the spring average 25 degrees C and in the autumn they range from 15 to 25 degrees C. If the spring or autumn was proving rather too cold and wet in the UK, think of how nice it would be to hop on a plane to your Turkey property, knowing that a literal and metaphorical warm welcome awaits…

Of course, warmer weather isn’t just good for improving our moods. Recent studies have shown that the vitamin D that we get from the sun can really benefit our health. Vitamin D is essential for bone and teeth health, but did you know that low levels of vitamin D have been linked to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease? Healthy levels of vitamin D may also reduce the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Because of the levels of sunshine in Turkey in the summer, it is easy enough to get plenty of that lovely vitamin D from the sun, that’s for sure!

Another bonus point about good weather is that we are more likely to feel like exercising outdoors if the weather is good. A gentle stroll, some trekking, horse riding, a trip out on bicycles, swimming and surfing are all activities which are very popular in Turkey and many people seek out property for sale in Turkey because they know living or at least holidaying on a regular basis in Turkey will allow them to indulge their love of outdoor life and activity.

Finally, warmer weather can often encourage healthier eating too. Fresh fruit and vegetables are grown in abundance in Turkey thanks to the temperatures and eating such ingredients in the country of their origin often makes the food taste so much fresher and nicer. When it’s warm outside, most people will naturally levitate towards salads and other lighter dishes, as no-one wants to feel uncomfortably stuffed when it’s hot.

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