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One of the things we particularly pride ourselves on here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey is our after-sales service. Unlike many other traditional sales agents operating in Turkey and further afield, we don’t just drop out of your life the minute you’ve reserved your Turkey property from us. On the contrary, at Oceanwide Properties our sales staff will always be on hand to sort out any queries or problems you might have – however big or small.

That’s because we understand that it can be difficult at first to operate under a different culture’s rules and regulations (although you will already have experienced this here in Turkey with the TAPU administration process!).

FAA_4861If you’re planning on letting out your newly purchased Turkey property as a holiday let, then it’s imperative that one of the first chores you tackle is to register at your local tax office in Turkey. The after sales member of staff we have allocated you will help you do this. He or she will also advise you on how to go about setting up a bank account and point you towards individuals who can help with legal and currency advice.

In other words – you’ll never be left scratching your head wondering who you can approach for advice in a manner that’s familiar to a UK citizen. Indeed, we will also introduce you to an ex-pat community or other UK citizens who have moved to Turkey, if that would prove of interest to yourself.

Free Turkey Property After Sales Guide

Everyone who purchases a property with ourselves at Oceanwide Properties will automatically receive a copy of our free and essential After Sales Guide. This contains all the information you’ll need within the first few months and years of obtaining your property in Turkey.

This includes advice on the best way to furnish a holiday let (and tells you where you can pick up trade discounts via ourselves) as well as the most influential way to market your property for potential holiday home guests (incidentally you’ll automatically receive free listings on our own Oceanwide Properties website).

The After Sales Guide will also help you get to grips with the type of property maintenance necessary in this warm climate and how to find good tradesmen.

Other information includes advice on applying for health care in Turkey, the type of insurance you should be buying for your holiday let (landlord’s insurance is a good idea, while Earthquake insurance is mandatory) and even how to go about getting your utilities set up. In fact, if there is anything you feel we have left out and should be included in next year’s guide then please do let us know as we’re keen to have every area covered for non-Turkish residents who invest in property in Turkey.

If you’re thinking of buying a property abroad to rent out as a holiday let then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Oceanwide Properties team either at our office in Turkey or at our London address.


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