Enjoying the Charm of Turkey’s Lakes


Turkey is known for its charming lakes, including Lake Beyşehir, Yedigoller, Green Lake and the famous Lake Van to mention just a few. It is here where green hills, blue waters and sunny skies collide. It’s why many ex-pats and people looking to buy property in Turkey make this their focus. For the best of Turkey’s lakes region, follow the Oceanwide Properties guide to these exquisite locations:


Goller Region
In south-western Turkey, the Goller Lakes region sits in the Isparta province. Goller is a central attraction for tourists and ex-pats alike. Lake Beyşehir is one of the Goller region’s freshwater lakes and is a true gem for natural enthusiasts. The town pf Beyşehir is here (also known as City of the Prince).

Beyşehir is located about four hours south of Antalya, and three hours west of Isparta. Visiting Beyşehir for its fresh fish – straight from Lake Beyşehir – is an absolute must.  Lake Beyşehir has no less than 33 islands. It’s possible to take a local boat ride to one of these for a day of relaxing along the watershore.

Yedigoller National Park
Yedigoller, or Seven Lakes, is a famous Turkish destination. Found in the Bolu province, Yedigoller National Park can be reached directly from the Ankara-Istanbul highway. As the name suggests, this national park is home to seven lakes. In recent years, the park’s peaceful natural lakes have become well-known for trout fishing – and what better way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the Turkish outdoors?

Yedigoller offers a variety of accommodation and facilities, including restaurants and rustic Turkey property. This park is a well-kept secret and so very rarely overcrowded – a great way for ex-pats to get to experience Turkey’s lakes. Because of its national park setting, these lakes have plenty of interesting and unusual wildlife and birds.

Green Lake
Green Lake is located in Turkey’s Kalkan district and is an authentic Turkish experience – not only will you come into contact with rural Turkish lifestyles here, but this environment is close to the Taurus Mountains where nomadic lifestyles can still be found.

The Green Lake is sustained by melting ice from surrounding mountains. These also bring the cooler and rainy weather the area is well known for during the colder winter months. If finding yourself in the Green Lake region of Kalkan, make time to visit small rural town of Gombe.  This  is a hub of local activity on market days and a great way to interact with nomads selling their fresh produce.

Turkey’s natural environment is nothing short of breath-taking. And it is exactly the reason why so many people are looking to buy property in Turkey and settling down in these majestic environments, which are full of peaceful days and quiet lifestyles. The team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey are happy to meet with anyone looking to find their very own piece of this beautiful country in Fethiye, Side, Antalya or surrounds.

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