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For those of you with a yearning to run and manage your own business abroad, you may be interested to learn that Turkey has a long history of entrepreneurial engagement. So, whether your interests lies in creative work, Turkey property, professional services or in tourism, then Turkey has an economy which is open to entrepreneurial ideas and investment. If that sounds like you then take a look through some of the following options we’ve listed here at Oceanwide Properties:


Turkey has what is regarded as an economically strategic location. Why? Because it’s a bridge between Europe (and other countries in the west) and Asia, including the Middle East and Russia in the east. That gives entrepreneurs with a Turkey property and business, access to all the main world markets.

Turkey has a predominantly young generation – 70% of its population of 80 million are younger than 35 years of age. A young generation means more internet users. It is estimated that more than half of Turkey’s total population are active Internet users, participating in online shopping and other forms of online buying. Entrepreneurs can tap into this massive online presence while, at the same time, keeping costs and risk low because there are no costly physical overheads.

An emerging economy and new economic opportunities go hand in hand. The fact that Turkey has, as we’ve mentioned, a growing economy, coupled with a youthful online presence – not to mention an influx of new customers in the form of foreigners thanks to a bustling tourism market – makes it an entrepreneurial haven.

Regulatory improvements
It is now easier for entrepreneurs to buy a property in Turkey and set up and manage a business here. Financial loans from banks are easier to obtain, for instance, thanks to a loosening of red tape. Indeed the Turkish government have a very positive attitude towards foreign investment in the country – whether that is in the form of international PLCs or the small one-man business venture.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur in Turkey is perfectly possible – provided you have the personality, business tenacity and innovative thinking required, regardless of where you choose to live. Any country poses challenges for entrepreneurs, and Turkey may not have the advanced infrastructure and communication networks as the UK or US – but it is definitely getting there.

If you’re considering opening up a business in Turkey – whether physical or online – then you’ll be looking for somewhere to live. Here at Oceanwide Properties we have a vast portfolio of attractive properties for sale in Turkey’s beautiful southern coastal resorts. Our multi-lingual team of property advisers would also be happy to show you round or answer any property-related questions you might have about what is involved in a move from the UK and other parts of Europe to a country such as Turkey with it’s different buying processes and culture.


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