Explaining the New E-Visa for Turkey

Up to date technological advances within the Turkish government and immigration process mean that from April 2014 non-resident citizens will require an e-visa to visit Turkey, Oceanwide Properties has learned.


The computerised visa will replace the current paper version (which costs £10) and will prove far easier, quicker and convenient for travellers as well as immigration officials. The paper version will be outlawed on April 10 when the new e version becomes statutory.

UK citizens coming to Turkey to consider investing in Turkey property, or just for a holiday will need to purchase the visa prior to their journey to locations such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and other sought-after resort areas on the Mediterranean coast. The visa can be obtained via the internet by filling in a form on the government website www.evisa.gov.tr and where they can also pay for it online.

The e-visa will then be emailed to the applicant who prints it out and carries it with him or her to prove that they indeed have permission to enter the country. Every individual who intends to travel to the country – including children and baby – will require a visa to enter.

Saving Time

The switch over to an e-visa will save tourists and those interested in property for sale in Kalkan, Fethiye and other parts of Turkey time since they will no longer be required to queue at airports for a visa. Instead a simple – and quick – journey to the immigration desk is all that will be required in future.

Be Aware

No Turkish citizens looking at obtaining a visa have been warned to avoid so called ‘agencies’ which claim to be able to help tourists in their attempt to obtain an e-visa – at a cost. The government has actually gone out its way to distance itself from this practice and in an official statement warned that it could not be held accountable for e-visas which failed to come through.

Those who don’t use the visa to travel will not be able to extend it to a time in the future, nor will they be able to claim their money back if they don’t intend to travel after all. Meanwhile applicants will only be charged for the e-visa if it is granted in the first place.


Those intending to travel in Turkey have been advised to obtain a visa at least one week prior to their date of departure, although it is possible to receive a visa just 24 hours before entering Turkey.

No Visa Required

Under certain circumstances non-Turkish citizens may not need a visa to land on Turkish soil. These include those who only tour within the port of Turkey (local border police can give permission to enter Turkey), and those on a cruise liner who don’t actually get off the boat and onto dry land.

Criteria For E-Visa 

An e-visa is only valid for trading or tourism purposes. Those intending to work or study in Turkey must undergo a separate process for entry via the Turkish Embassy.

Oceanwide Properties help non Turkish residents invest in property in Turkey for retirement or holiday home purposes. For more information on our services please contact us either via telephone or email. We have offices in both Turkey (Fethiye) and London.


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