Famous Faces of Turkey


Turkey is a beautiful country, with a coastline and beaches that are widely adored, mountains that speak of majesty and a history that is rich with culture, religion, entertainment and art.

But besides the country itself, Turkey’s people have made head turns around the world. From actors to archaeologist, the country has its fair share of famous celebrities. Here’s the list we’ve compiled here at Oceanwide Properties:

Famous and Skillful Actors

Perhaps the secret lies in Turkey’s rich cultural history, for Turkey has given rise to several world famous actors. Kevork Malikyan of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade fame, as well as The Flight of the Phoenix, is one of Turkey’s most well-known actors.

The beautiful Saadet Aksoy hails from Istanbul and is known for films such as Twice Born and Love in Another Language.


Haluk Bilginer is known for his decades of film, tv and theatre work, and has since returned to Ankara where he has established an acting school. On TV, he his played in Eastenders and Glory Boys among other series. Haluk was seen in films such as Five Minutes in New York and The International, alongside several theatre works in the UK, including Macbeth and My Fair Lady.

Famous Doctor

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a household name – particularly in the United States. His parents hailed from Turkey and Dr. Oz was born in the United States. He first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show then Larry King Live and other celebrity shows. Dr. Oz has a distinctive approach to medicine and today, through his daily show, The Dr. Oz Show, he is renowned for helping people worldwide take control of their own health.

Football Fever

Football fever has not escaped Turkey. The country has in fact delivered some of the world’s greatest football players. Among them is Burak Yilmaz, who has been placed 20th in the World’s 50th Best Football Players.

This is no small achievement and he has received tremendous support in Turkey itself. Previously, football player Nuri Sahin was placed in this prestigious football player category. Other Turkish football celebrities include Emre Belozoglu, Hamit Altintop and Gokhan Zan.

Going Back in Time

Centuries ago Turkey was known for admirable individuals, including Piri Reis – an explorer, cartographer and Ottoman admiral. He is known and very much respected to this day for his navigation charts and maps, including details on European ports, as well as his portions of a world map that was discovered long after his death.

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