Farewell to Fethiyes Boozy Buildings

Leaning properties in Fethiye to be demolished
Leaning properties in Fethiye to be demolished

Oceanwide Properties office is in a great location right opposite the sea front promenade here in Fethiye.  We often walk along the harbour, or around the new park, taking lunch on what is known locally as ‘bar street’ due to its many wonderful restaurants and cafes.

Those with a property in Fethiye, may be familiar with the streets surrounding the new square. They will no-doubt have noticed that many of the buildings are decidedly wonky. It’s perhaps best visually described that Pisa has its famous Leaning Tower, Fethiye has its, not so famous, boozy bar street buildings!

We have many a time sat and discussed the questionable stability of the street. One colleague said, “they add character to the area”, very true, but what about their safety? A few along the front are leaning at alarming angles, what’s worse is the upper level apartments and offices seem inhabited!

It was then with interest that we read a recent local press article saying that we can now bid our leaning buildings goodbye as they are to undergo a transformation.  It was reported that the structural stability of many of the older Fethiye properties came into question following the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in 2012. Following local authority surveys, a total of 11 buildings were condemned, including some of the most notable ones on bar street opposite the new town square.

It’s reassuring to know that the safety and structural integrity of the older properties in Fethiye are monitored.  Building regulations in Turkey have dramatically improved over the last 10 or so years bringing us in line with the EU. For those with far older, sub standard buildings, the government has publicised incentives urging owners to ensure their properties safety.  Aimed mainly at Turks with unsound properties, there are now opportunities to apply for low interest and long term loans to help with funding to bring their buildings up to scratch. Of course, many leaning properties still exist, but at least it appears that someone is finally paying attention to them.

There’s no denying, Fethiye is progressing rapidly into the boutique town its Mayor has promised. We have more than our fair share of new attractions; the new promenade and the central square to name but two.  Mayor Behcet Saatci certainly does seem to be cleaning up the area, this latest move bringing more interest, and no doubt more investment, to the town centre. With work already underway, we will keep you up to date with progress and what is to replace our boozy buildings over the coming months.

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