Fethiye cruising into a bright future?


This week is an important week for Fethiye Chamber of Commerce (FTSO) as their plans to build a deep water jetty may take a leap forward.

From the Oceanwide Properties office overlooking Fethiye bay, you can’t help but notice the occasional cruise liner as it comes to rest for its day or two’s stay in the centre of the bay towards Sovalye Island. We have often commented that local business must be happy as the town and promenade seemed a lot busier whilst the ship was around. The surge of tourists bringing with them a welcome cash injection as they get shipped ashore to spend their day exploring the town, eating in one of the many glorious restaurants, or shopping around the streets of Paspatur before they move on to their next destination.

As it stands most cruise companies stop in Marmaris or Antalya, they steer clear of Fethiye as there is no jetty deep enough to allow their guests direct access to shore. It’s costly and inconvenient to ferry holidaymakers to and fro so they sail on elsewhere.

Having realised the financial rewards and tourism potential of attracting more big ships to Fethiye, the local Chamber of Commerce won a 66,000TL sum to develop plans to lure them into town. They have since attracted the attention of the government who are sending a team of officials to evaluate the jetty proposal this week.

Should the plans be put into action, it would attract far more commercial, yachting and property investment to Fethiye. It would also help the town take one a step further towards becoming the Province (City) it is hoping to be.

“Fethiye is a fascinating town”, says Suleyman Akbay, MD at Oceanwide Properties, “certainly one that deserves to be discovered by more people. Cruises are a great way of seeing more than one place on holiday, they also bring their destinations hundreds of holidaymakers keen to take a trip ashore and spend money. Should Fethiye become a cruise destination it will undoubtedly be good for the local businesses and in turn, the local Fethiye property market.”

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