Fethiye’s Erasta AVM Shopping Mall – A Great Place To Visit on a Rainy Day.


Following the torrential rain we had recently I thought it apt we write a post on something you can do in Fethiye should storms darken our doorstep once again.

Here at Oceanwide Properties we looked on with interest as Fethiyes first shopping mall was built last year.  Our office is a happy Turkish/English mix so there was lots of talk over what this huge 20,000m2, 80 million Turkish Lira concrete mass would contain. The Brits here got excited about the possibility of a Starbucks and maybe a Zara, the Turks about all sorts of other Turkish and international chain stores and brand names.

Erasta AVM opened its doors in June. On first impression it is an architecturally modern building with a viewing platform and flower box lined steps making a striking feature to the one side. Conveniently located near the Otogar (main Bus Station), it’s on the main Oludeniz and Tasyaka minibus routes so accessible to most with a property in Fethiye.

Personally, having toddler twins, accessibility is important to me and no-doubt many others with children or mobility issues. Although a shopping run to Fethiyes’ Old Town is visually far more attractive and interesting, many shops in the centrum have narrow entrances and not enough room between aisles to fit a normal stroller, let alone a double buggy or wheelchair. But with a large underground car park allowing ramp and lift access to its two upper shopping levels, and wide automatic entrance doors and shop fronts, Erasta is a breeze to navigate. OK, the likes of the Bull Ring, Trafford Centre or Lakeside it certainly isn’t, but it is a good start. There are a few large clothing stores including LC Waikiki, Koton, Loft, Mavi Jeans and De Facto. Deichmann the shoe shop is present, there are couple of boutiques, sportswear and accessory shops, and a good sized Migros supermarket on the lower level. Unfortunately no sign of a Starbucks or Zara, but there is one of Turkey’s favourite coffee franchises, Kahve Dunyasi (Coffee World) serving a small menu and great coffee.

The upper floor has again got a good few stores. Six months on, some still lie empty, but there’s a toy shop, English Home and Ozdilik selling their popular brands of linens, and some more boutiques and cosmetic shops. There’s the a Burger King, Tavuk Dunyasi (Chicken World) and a number of other chain eateries, pizza and kebab houses found in the food court, and the entire feeling of the centre is light, air-conditioned and spacious.

The main draw for me though, and how Erasta will no doubt come into its own, has to be the entertainment options on offer. I’ve finally found a place to entertain the kids on overly sweaty summer days and when the heavens open during the winter months!

There’s Bowlingo Bowling for those that want to be active and a modern multi-screen cinema showing mainly Turkish, but some English speaking films. Playland for the kids is fabulous! With a soft play area with ball pit and climbing platforms for those aged 3 and over, and many arcade rides and games for kids of all ages, you can easily limit the kiddy tantrums and while away a few hours of the day in-between shopping.

All in all, Erasta AVM is a hit. It’s yet another sign that Fethiye is attracting commercial investment and becoming an even nicer and more convenient place to live. It’s true that Fethiye has changed dramatically over the past few years, but the majority will agree that this change has been mostly for the better.  We have noticed a large increase in foreigners investing in the central areas, especially those surrounding the new promenade and Erasta centre, whose residents used to be predominantly Turkish.  The prices of properties in Fethiye centrum is steadily on the increase and we are asked more frequently to search for Turkish properties for Expats that have now settled in the area. Erasta is certainly a convenient place to shop and will, no-doubt, become a local haunt for those in and around the Fethiye area, especially on a rainy day.

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