How to find cheap flights to Turkey


With the season here in Turkey now underway we thought we would take a look at ways you can bag yourselves cheap flights to Turkey.

Most of us have been there. You find a bargain flight online, head off to check dates with the family only to return and log in later to find the price has gone up. How frustrating! According to an article in the Evening Standard, there’s a simple explanation for this, chances are the tour operator knows of your interest due to your online search history. Here we have a look at ways to ensure this doesn’t happen plus other tips to ensure you get that flight at the best price online.

Cookies – clear them! Nowadays it’s rare to find a website that doesn’t use cookies. Think of cookies as little bits of data websites store to monitor a browsers movements through a website. Cookies are incredibly useful to companies as they give an insight on the popularity of their web content. They allow site administrators and marketeers to monitor the companies online product performance, presence and content displayed. For browsers there are also benefits; it’s cookies that enable you to quickly return to previous searches or content of interest. But also a downsides – the price of that product you have been considering (e.g. a flight) can change if they think you are interested. To avoid this, simply delete them and refresh your browser to erase your search history and search again. You may find the price has returned to the original quote or even less.

Book online. You can often save up a fortune on fares by booking online as opposed to via the telephone or in person at a travel agents. Shop around to get the best deal out there.

Use flight comparison websites. When setting off on your flight search try using comparison sites like to gain an insight on prices, times and whats available.

Fly through the night. Anti-social, early hour flights to and from Turkey are normally cheaper than those that leave or arrive at a reasonable time.

Fly with out with one airline, back with another. Book your return trip using two airlines. For example, you may find a bargain flight out to Dalaman with Thomas Cook but their return flight is pricey. The flight back with Monarch is far more reasonable. OK then, book single journeys with both. Mixing up the airlines often results in significant savings and also means you can be more choosy with flight times and dates – try it!

Head direct to the airlines website. Airlines often run promotions and sales on routes throughout Europe and further afield. By signing up for their mailers or joining or ‘Liking’ their social media sites, you are often offered discounted fares or given discount codes. Even just searching the sites direct can cut out some hefty third party commissions.

Use up the air miles on your credit card if you have them. Some credit cards offer frequent flyer rewards or air miles. Check if you have any and cash them in for discounts on the fares.

Do come to Turkey in 2016 – it’s the same magical, sun drenched and beautiful country it has always been. At the moment flights seem very reasonable if you shop around. There are many special offers on the internet. Have you found yourself a bargain getaway or cheap flights to Turkey? Do comment below and let us know where you found them.

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