Flight ban on electronic devices from Turkey to US lifted. Britain expected to follow.


Dogan News Agency reports the ban on carrying electronic devices in hand luggage from Turkey to the US has now been lifted. It is expected the UK will follow suit soon.

The ban, enforced back in March, was put in place by American authorities in an attempt to try and limit the chances of a terrorist attack. Direct flights to the USA from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi, Kuwait and Qatar were all affected. As of July 5th, passengers flying direct to the US with Turkish Airlines have been allowed to use the likes of laptops, iPads and other devices previously restricted in the cabin.

Bilal Eski Turkish Airlines CEO, announced on July 5th via Twitter, that the airline fully expects the ban on devices from Turkey to the UK to be lifted soon. This will make journeys far more enjoyable for the likes of business travellers, those attempting to keep the kids entertained, and all passengers who enjoy reading their kindles or playing games on board on their trips from Turkey.

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