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One of the more popular and upmarket coastal resorts in Turkey, Fethiye was once a small fishing village. Today it’s a town of more than reasonable proportions with a wealth of entertainment for tourists from outdoor activities to historic tours and excellent cuisine. The seafront itself is always colourful with many fishing boats, gullets, yachts and even the odd cruise ship disembarking. As such, here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey is one of the main areas in which we offer property in Turkey.


Historical Interest in Fethiye

Nestling on the Lycian coast in the Turkish region known as Anatolio, Fethiye is surrounded by impressive architectural ruins including carved rock tombs on cliff faces and a stunning amphitheatre in the town itself. Indeed the Fethiye amphitheatre – once a Greek theatre and dating back to Alexander the Great –  was only revealed in 1993, having been hidden under several feet of soil for centuries and was only discovered at the building of a new road.

The hand-carved and temple-like rock tombs are a pretty dramatic site when viewed from underneath the cliff in the town. Believed to date back to 4th Century BC, the tombs were build to bury important town officials at the time.

You could also go and see the ghost village of Karmylassos where up to 500 houses sit empty as if just recently abandoned.

Beautiful Landscapes

Often regarded as Turkey’s most beautiful beach – thanks to its Blue Lagoon – Olu Deniz sits just over five miles away from Fethiye and is a mirage of beautiful hotels, classy restaurants, modern bars and shops. The nearby resort of Hisaronu is popular with teens and twenty-somethings with plenty of spectacular night life to engage in whereas Olu Deniz itself is frequented more by families. Calis beach, meanwhile, is equally as impressive and a mere three miles from Fethiye (good cycling distance). It’s not difficult to see therefore why many visitors end up buying property for sale in Fethiye themselves. As well as its incredibly lagoon, Olu Deniz is also famous for its excellent paragliding facilities, being the highest in Europe (2000 metres up Babadag Mountain to be exact) and boasting numerous qualified instructors for tandem flights.


The largest market in the area is in Fethiye where you’ll be able to buy a host of leather goods, jewellery and clothing at reasonable prices. Just remember to get your bartering skills up to speed before you get there!

Fethiye’s Facelift

Those who have been regular visitors to Fethiye can’t fail to have noticed the government-funded renovation work in the past year or so. This includes a new town centre square and an impressive palm tree-lined boulevard which connects Fethiye with Calais. The latter has attracted a number of upmarket restaurants and bars and is fast becoming one of the ‘go to’ areas on the Lycian coast.

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