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Head for the southernmost tip of the province of Antalya and there you’ll find the former sleepy fishing village of Kas.  Located on a main transport route between Kalkan and Antalya, the town is conveniently mid-way between the major international airports of Dalaman and Antalya – which, happily, makes it an extremely  easy location to reach. As such it’s become a popular destination for foreign nationals seeking to invest in property in Turkey.


At Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’ll go on to tell you right here about why, once you’ve clapped eyes on Kas, you’re bound to fall in love with this beautiful little coastal town – one which played such a prominent part in ancient history and which continues to play a major role in Turkey today in terms of culture and tourism.

Ancient History

Kas is one of the oldest Lycian settlements and the guardian of an impressive necropolis; one of the richest historical sources in the region.  During ancient times it went through several name changes – it was first known as Habesos, then Antiphellos and today, of course, it’s known as Kas.

Kas’s small port once exported marine sponges and timber around the globe and its importance grew to the extent it was attacked numerous times during the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is this rich history which draws tourists and those looking for property for sale in Turkey to this ancient town.

Outdoor & Adventure

If you’re at all interested in the sport of diving then you’ll already have heard of Kas. That’s because it’s know throughout the world as a first class destination for the sport. In fact, not only is Kas rated as Turkey’s best diving area, but in 2012 it received the accolade as ‘best diving base on the Mediterranean Sea.’

Diving here is made easy by crystal clear, warm and calm waters which provide excellent underwater visibility.  It’s underwater ‘character’ is also a draw. If you’re a diver for instance you’ll love historic shipwrecks, submerged ruins and sea caverns. And guess what? Kas has them all to the extent shipwrecks and submerged civilisations have become artificial reefs here.

Don’t like diving? Then how about paragliding, kayaking, canoeing, boating, watersports, hiking or trekking to ancient civilizations? In other words, take your pick when it comes to outdoor activities in Kas.

The Greek island of Kastelórizo (also known as Meis) is a mere 6km from Kas and offers excellent culture and entertainment.  The island of Kekova with its beautiful bays is also just off the Kas coastline and from here it’s possible to get a glimpse of the underwater ‘Sunken City’.

Village Life

Although the town itself is very small with less than 6,000 permanent residents, Kas has an extremely lively vibe, especially around the waterfront area which is lined with small shops, cafes, restaurants and regular open air markets.

If thoughts of such an idyllic setting lure you to the extent you want more than a mere fortnight’s holiday in Kas and are thinking of making a more permanent move (ie retirement or investing in Turkey property, then do get in touch with us here at Oceanwide Properties and make that long term dream of Mediterranean living you’ve been nursing for years now, finally into a reality.


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