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Although you’ll find that holiday makers tend to flock to Hisaronu, it’s in nearby Ovacik in the Fethiye region where you’re able to settle down and experience true Turkish small-town living. The town is located under the caring guard of Father Mountain, Mount Babadağ. With his pine forests overlooking the small hillside village, Mount Babadağ is without doubt Ovacik’s oldest resident.


Those who have always dreamt of living along the Turkish Riviera, should seriously consider investing in property in Ovacik. A favourable climate, mountain tops overlooking world famous beaches and a quiet and pretty Turkish countryside location ‐ that’s a pretty rare combination which isn’t easily found anywhere in the world today.

Sights and Surrounds of Ovacik

Apart from offering a life of tranquility, Ovacik also provides plenty to do and see. Like Fethiye, Ovacik’s culture and history was shaped by the people that ruled the Turkish countryside, including Persians, Romans and the Pergamum Kingdom ‐ to name but a few.

That rich cultural history is still in evidence today and discovering history’s secrets is still a popular way to spend time in Ovacik. The Byzantine ruins at the St Nicholas Islands offer such a glimpse into history with the remains of churches, tombs and city walls.

Another place filled with mystery is the ghost town Khaya Koy, west of Ovacik. Once a town in its own right with churches, schools and even a newspaper, today only a few individuals remain. The town flourished prior to the population exchange agreement between Turkey and Greece, although the new residents never settled in Khaya Koy but rather abandoned the stone houses on the hill for more fertile land and better Turkey property. Today the ghost town with its chapel on the hill remains open for exploring by locals and visitors alike.

A Mountainous Haven

Many people owning property in Turkey will tell you that it is the scenery and natural beauty that attracted them here. Ovacik’s natural beauty is also one of its best monuments. Often you will find people in the pine-covered hills, whether on a serious hiking route or strolling for some fresh mountain air. There are a number of planned routes for hiking (with different routes for different fitness levels), all with striking scenery.


And then there is world renowned Beach Olu Deniz, also known as Blue Lagoon. This blue flag beach with is calm waters is merely a short Dolmus ride from Ovacik. Although it can get crowded during peak season, this large stretch of sand and water offers smaller undiscovered coves that will bring you quietness and blue waters. Olu Deniz is also a popular paragliding spot and even if you do not actively partake, lying on Olu Deniz’s sandy beach with the peaceful gliders in the sky is truly special.

With all of Ovacik’s natural beauty and scenery to hand it’s difficult to believe that anyone would want to face the crowds. But, when the urge does arise there’s  the nearby resort Hisaronu – a tourist hub with several restaurants, bars, a promenade and shops.

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