For your health are you getting fruit and vegetables grown from local seeds and free from any harmful chemicals?

Recently our Managing Director Mr Suleyman Akbay of Oceanwide properties provided his support for our Local farmers by inviting everyone to attend an event which took place on the 14th of July at the FKM (Fethiye Culture Centre) .

The aim was to introduce and continue providing our local farmers with all of our support .

local Fethiye market Fethiye market

The Project was started 5 years ago by volunteers at the association of Republican of women of Fethiye (cumhuriyet kadinları derneği), the aim is for participating local farmers to use 100% local seeds which are free from any harmful chemicals.

On the events day our Mayor Mr Behcet Saatci will take samples of the produce, get it checked by experts to make sure that no chemicals have been used, followed by a presentation explaining in more detail of what this Project entails. There will be plenty of entertainment like folk dances, local singers, bands and suprises demonstrations.

On the day participating are the group of local farmers they will have their stalls selling all the produce of fresh fruit and vegetables.

How this Works; currently there are 12 participating farmers, between them they swap these local seeds without payment to asist each other. The aim is to expand this, however any new farmer lookıng to join this project goes through various checks to ensure their land is suitable, also from planting the seeds until ripe a farming engineer (who is also a volunteer) checks the process of growth to the Standard needed.

Everything is completely local and only those that are within the season are to be sold.

Come and do your weekly shopping from these farmers they do need all of our support.

You can find their stalls every Friday sign posted in the local Fethiye market



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