Foreign direct investment In Turkey To Top 20 billion USD And Property Incentive Package In The Offing

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Investment in TurkeyInternational investors have high confidence in the momentum of the Turkish economy right now, with a recent survey forecasting foreigners will have rolled in 20 billion USD before the year is out.

According to a survey by the International Investor’s Association of Turkey (YASED), a string of smart incentive schemes by the Turkish government is attracting an influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) from overseas, notably to its energy, automotive and financial services sectors.

YASED’s survey measures the views of foreign investors on Turkey’s economic environment. This latest figure would mean Turkey would surpass in leaps and bounds its 2011 FDI of 15.9 billion USD.

Plans are also afoot to introduce a property incentive package to aid the regeneration of  older and idle buildings in Turkey’s towns and cities. The scheme would extend tax free deductions to the expenses an investor would incur in acquiring and renovating a property for commercial use.

The news is yet another confidence marker in the promise and increasing popularity of Turkey as a hot investment destination.

Source: Invest in Turkey


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