General Questions On Your Move to Turkey


When planning the huge step of moving to another country to live (whether on a full or part-time basis) there always seems to be another question that we forgot to ask. After all when buying a Turkey property no doubt most of your concerns are understandably about building and legal matters in the first instance.


But what about those other nagging concerns at the back of your mind that you still need answers to? Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’ll attempt to at least answer some of them, certainly the most commonly asked questions that we’ve been subject to:


Q. I’ve been googling various meterological sites but tell me – you have a property in Turkey and live there practically all year round. What is the weather like, really, and I don’t just mean during the summer months?

A. Think UK weather in terms of the changing seasons, but add up to 10 or 20 degrees (although, admittedly the UK summer was very good this year). In Turkey your average summer lasts from May to September and expect temperatures of anything up to 40 degrees. In autumn and winter you’ll see a dip but never to freezing temperatures – around 15 degrees is as cold as you can reasonably expect.


Q. Are there any British banks in Turkey and will I be able to deposit and withdraw cash using sterling currency or do I have to change everything to Turkish Lira?

A. It’s up to you really. You have the choice of carrying out bank transactions in a range of currencies, including Euros. Transfers between accounts in the UK and Turkey are, on the whole, extremely smooth and lead to very little difficulty.


Q. What’s the best way to teach myself Turkish prior to going over there and then again, once I’ve actually moved? And is it really necessary to learn the language, do you think?

A. Turkish language tapes are pretty good as you can listen to them on an iPod while out walking or doing other chores. While in Turkey just attempting the language with Turkish friends is often the best way to pick up phrases and words. You’ll always learn a language quicker when exposed to it on an intensive 24-hour basis. As to whether it’s necessary or not, it’s entirely up to you (as many Turkish people speak English well) but you’ll probably find you enjoy speaking to Turkish nationals in their own language. Certainly, it seems more polite!


Q. I’ve had my cat for nine years now and she’s become part of the family. How easy will it be for me to bring her across to Turkey with me?

A. You’ll be glad to hear that provided you have a health/vaccination certificate for her you shouldn’t have any difficulties whatsoever.

If you’re planning to look at properties for sale in Fethiye, Kalkan, or any other resort area of Turkey then please contact us here at Oceanwide Properties for the most up-to-date advice and information on the Turkish property market that’s available today.


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