Get Your Turkish Domestic Matters in Order

Living the expat lifestyle in Turkey can be wonderful but, unfortunately, just because you’re living what feels like a charmed existence, it doesn’t mean that you’re excused from all those domestic duties such as grocery shopping and housework.


Fortunately, the team here at Oceanwide Properties can point you in the right direction for some domestic help or maid services for your property in Turkey. In fact, here’s more on that matter right here:


At the top of every expat’s list of questions is budgeting.  Hiring maid services or domestic help for your household is, of course, an additional expense – even a luxury expense in some countries.  But the good news is that household cleaning services, maid services and even Turkish property management are all generally affordable in Turkey.  It is not uncommon to see locals, who earn a mid-level income, employ the luxury of a full-time household maid.  As such, finding affordable household help in Turkey shouldn’t be a problem; allowing you more free time to go wandering and exploring in this beautiful country.

Reasonable Employment & Wages

The topic of ‘reasonable’ employment is universal. No one wants to be exploited for their services.  You’ll often find that Turkish domestic and maid services will usually ask for payment at the end of the working day – rather than a week. If you’re using a maid on a full-time basis (ie daily) then it’s common to offer a monthly salary. It’s up to you, as the employer, to negotiate an annual bonus.

Agency or Private Hiring

There are plenty of house cleaning agencies in some of Turkey’s main cities such as Istanbul. There you’ll be offered cleaning and maid service packages.  The benefits of using an agency include no paperwork or worry about legal issues.  Opting to hire a maid independently (ie without the support of an agency) means you’ll be responsible for checking that she has the necessary paperwork to allow her to work in the country.  Cleaning agencies are scarcer in rural Turkey, so here you may have no choice but to hire on an independent basis.

Adapting to the culture, not to mention the rules and regulations, of a foreign country may take some time. It’s a relief therefore not to have to worry about whether or not your Turkey property is being well cared for.  Do ask around for maids and cleaning ladies with good references – happily, finding reliable help through word of mouth shouldn’t be too difficult.  And if you hire a local Turkish lady, why not use this as an opportunity for some cultural exchange ie learning new Turkish words and perhaps even some authentic Turkish culinary secrets?  At Oceanwide Properties Turkey we are more than happy to assist with any questions relating to properties in Turkey – feel free to get in touch with the team – either at our office in Fethiye, Turkey or in London.


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