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Are you an expat who has just arrived in this country, finding your feet and new home in the wonderful country that is Turkey? Then you will no doubt be interested to hear about the traditional (and more modern) outlook on Turkish families, traditions and way of life.

Turkey is an East-meet-West country so expect to discover a culture which is entirely different than your own. If you are planning on buying your dream Turkish property in Fethiye or another coastal area and are looking forward to mingling with the neighbours, then here is some interesting tradition info:

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Families in Turkey
Turkish families fall into one of two categories: traditional extended or nuclear – the two terms used to describe Turkey’s traditional family ties. If you bought property in Turkey next to a traditional extended family, expect to see (and experience) a household of no less than three generations (with further relatives possibly too).

From grandparents to grandchildren – married with spouses or single, they are all part of the traditional extended family. On common Turkey property, they live together in what can be described as vibrant, lively, yet always colourful affair. Stepping back in Turkish history, it was not uncommon to find even inter-generational relatives forming part of the traditional extended family – and of course, all living under one roof.  So, with both elderly and youngsters around, you’ll be sure to have an interesting time getting to know your Turkish neighbours.

Exploring Turkey, you will notice that many homes were in fact constructed with traditional extended families in mind. Traditional Turkish properties have all have a common space – call the sofa – which functions as inner courtyards. Here, family members would gather during the day for common household chores, or to catch up on daily happenings.
The more modern version, the nuclear family, consists of a modest two generations, as per typical Western family household. Fitting in seamlessly with modern living, Turkey’s nuclear families are more often found in urban and economic hubs.

Family life
Whereas Turkey’s modern nuclear families have adopted plenty of Western ways: equal roles between man and women, including equal divide between economic and emotional roles, the traditional extended family functions somewhat differently.  Extended traditional families often see the women staying at home and caring for the home and their loved ones, while the men earn income.  Children are part of the family support structure and are typically required to take up household chores, both indoors and outdoors.  Where children are old enough to work, they will usually be given the chance to earn pocket money for themselves.

The modern Turkish trend for nuclear families is supported by Turkey’s modern Family Law – a law which is on par with Western rights and advocating equal rights for women.  Under Turkey’s Family Law, women are also entitled to owning property in Turkey.

If Turkey’s traditions and cultures sound exciting to you, why not look at settling your own family in this fascinating, yet equally modern country then Oceanwide Properties Turkey is always on call to assist with any property questions – why not contact our offices today?


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