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After falling in love with Turkey, buying property in Turkey, relocating and job hunting, you’ll probably want to buy a car too. And in order to drive you’ll also be in need of reliable car insurance. As with all other things in life, it is a good idea to shop around for car insurance in Turkey. Insurance offers, benefits and premiums do vary like in the UK.  To get you started on finding the best car insurance in Turkey, the team here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey offer the following advice:


Turkish driving & traffic
Finding yourself on the roads of a foreign country for the first time can be a bit daunting – not only can the roads seem confusing but foreign traffic can often be a whole different story to that back in the UK.  Luckily you have little to fear when it comes to driving in Turkey. The government is doing a lot of work to keep the roads up to standard and traffic numbers are low compared to international standards.

There are really only two things to be cautious about when driving in Turkey. Rural traffic can take some getting used to – expect a good deal of non-motorised traffic to be sharing the road alongside you your starters.  Secondly, be aware of the shortage of gas stations. The latter are far less than you’re probably used to. Plan your trips accordingly to avoid the nightmare of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas.

Third party liability
All vehicles in Turkey need to have third party liability insurance at the very least. This is law and unavoidable. But, if you think about it, it is actually a very sensible regulation.

Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive insurance is widely available in Turkey and known locally as Kasco. As in other countries, this will protect your vehicle against collisions, theft of the car and theft from the car, as well as  fire, and vandalism or riot damage. What may not be covered – and this you need to clarify with your chosen insurance company – is medical costs associated with collisions. Also be sure to ask your chosen insurance company whether damages to lights, glass and tires are covered by comprehensive cover as this will also differ between insurance service providers.

If you find a suitable insurance company you will be asked to present two or possibly three documents. These are your vehicle’s registration certificate, proof of identity and in some cases, maybe even your Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection document.

International Insurance
Individuals relocating to Turkey will be pleased to learn that the country  has adopted the International Motor Insurance Card System – also known as the Green Card system. This means that UK insurance can often be brought over. So, obviously, check this out first.

Thousands of people from the UK, other parts of Europe and even America are finding Turkey a very easy and agreeable country to relocate to. If you have always dreamt of settling here, why not contact Oceanwide Properties    for the best Turkey property deals in Fethiye and other resort areas?

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