Good news may be in store for foreigners looking to work in Turkey.


Good news may be on the horizon for some professional residents and people with a property in Turkey and the desire to work in the country. It may get easier for foreigners to secure work in Turkey should the government pass a proposed new bill. Last month a new draft bill was presented to parliament asking for changes in the law regarding foreigners right to work in Turkey.

At present it can be an uphill battle to secure a work permit in Turkey, even if you meet the strict criteria given. The proposed new changes would mean those who are granted the new long term residence permit, those already with an eight year work permit, and foreigners who fall into the ‘extraordinary’ category i.e. those with proven professional and educational skills that are needed in Turkey, would be granted an indefinite right to work in Turkey. The bill would also allow foreigners given a year’s work permit the right to extend it for up to two more years.

Turkish lira property in Turkey

Although these amendments do not apply to the majority of those seeking non-professional roles, administrative, sales or hospitality positions, we are hoping it may pave the way towards easing the work permit process in Turkey in the future.

“This is great news for long term residents of Turkey”, said Suleyman Akbay, Director at Oceanwide Properties. “We have sold a lot property in Turkey to foreigners who are now permanently living here. Many of those meet the long term residency criteria and would welcome the right to work in Turkey should they wish. Let’s just hope the bill gets passed.”

For more information on long term residency please read our January article on important changes to Turkish residency. To browse our property portfolio please click here, and don’t forget to comment and sign up for our news updates on the right.




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