Health & Fitness in Fethiye

Health & fitness is a popular pastime in Fethiye and something you may be interested in once you’ve found your perfect property in Fethiye.

Regardless of whether you are making a permanent move or simply setting up a holiday home, there are health & fitness options to suit every schedule, every budget, every age range and every level of fitness.

The most familiar option is the gym and there are now plenty to choose from in Fethiye and Calis. Many of which will give you day passes if you are only visiting. There are also gyms that specialise in spinning or kick boxing.

Exercising Outside

For those of you who prefer outdoor group exercises, there are circuit training classes, HIIT classes, dance classes, yoga and pilates and more.

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There are also tennis courts, basketball courts and football pitches available for public use.

You may prefer to combine exercise with seeing more of the surrounding area. This is where the local walking and cycling groups can help.

Starting Your Health & Fitness Journey

If you are just starting on your road to fitness there are English speaking personal trainers available who can train you and advise you on your dietary requirements. Alongside this, there has recently been an increase in dieticians in the area who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Solo Health & Fitness Options

However, if you are on a tighter budget or prefer to work alone you will find outside gyms everywhere. These you can use whenever you wish, and for as long as you wish, for no charge.

Outside gym

Fethiye also has a 2.6km running track which runs parallel to a longer cycle track that is around 6km in length. Both give you stunning views of the coastline as you pound or pedal away.

The Lycian Way

Fethiye is also ideally placed for anyone wanting to walk part or all of the Lycian Way. There are many options for day walks along sections of the Lycian Way. Alternatively you could take a month away from everything and walk all of it’s 500 or so kilometres in one go.

We will be talking about the Lycian Way in more detail in future blogs.

All of the above options are easy to find on Facebook plus our team at Oceanwide will be more than happy to give you more information.

Here are some stunning properties currently for sale that are within walking distance of some great outside spaces for exercising:

If you have any questions regarding the properties above please click here to contact Oceanwide Properties.


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