Health Preparations for Travel in Turkey


Falling prey to illness is the last thing you need travelling around Turkey in search of the perfect Turkish property for sale. Although the health system in Turkey is far more developed than a decade ago – with public, private and specialised health services available – there are still important precautions to take. This should be doubled up with general medical information that should be kept in mind when travelling to any new country. Oceanwide Properties Turkey are happy to share the following information for travelers, expats or Turkey property buyers:

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Health insurance

Always opt for medical insurance – whether you are planning on visiting Turkey for a two-week holiday, or staying longer with a temporary job in mind. It  allows you, as foreign traveller or temporary expat, to benefit from the best medical treatment at government supported fees.

Turkey falls outside of the European Union, thus the otherwise widely accepted European Health Insurance Card is not accepted here. Instead, Turkey’s Healthcare System forms part of the country’s Social Security network. With a single set of paperwork, expats can access local health care, covering everyday illnesses and emergencies right up until retirement age.

Diseases to look out for

A vaccine for rabies is a good idea for those planning to travel to Turkey. Although rabies can only be contracted if bitten or scratched by an affected animal, it is advised that children in particular are vaccinated against the disease (as they should be for many parts of the world).


There is a very small region in rural southeast Turkey with a potential malaria risk – talk to a medical or health care worker if you are concerned about this. The peak malaria season is between May and October for southeast Turkey.

Altitude sickness

If your plan is to climb the highest mountains in Turkey, be aware of altitude sickness. This can strike at altitudes in excess of 2,400 metres or more. Although Turkey is a generally mountainous terrain, true altitude sickness shouldn’t pose a problem unless mountain climbing is on your agenda.

Rest assured though, if you’re visiting many of Turkey’s coastal regions such as Kalkan or Fethiye as a tourist or even seeking out Turkey property there then you certainly don’t have to be concerned about altitude sickness since the area is generally flat.

General well-being

As for the rest of your stay in Turkey, it’s always good to keep in mind basic health rules: drinking enough water to beat the heat and using a good insect repellent to avoid insect bite irritations when visiting in peak summer season.

Turkey is not the type of country prone to be a serious health risk to foreign tourists, yet general colds and flu are likely when traveling abroad. Be prepared with enough bottled water, any personal medication that you may require on a regular basis and take out the necessary health insurance. Your stay in Turkey may very well end with the purchase of property in Turkey, and if that is the case then do call on us here atOceanwide Properties for expert advice and to take a look through our extensive portfolio.



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